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Forest criterion Xu godchild grow into useful timber
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Forest criterion Xu is fought with ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade flower feat and shock world, also because of studying an in the right way of rigorous, godchild be by person.

He is government-owned Chang Pi to hold the post of immediately, wife and children stay in home town, teach children to send a book through swan goose at ordinary times. Feudal society read look very again, alleged " all the different kind all inferior, read only tall " be also. Forest criterion Xu Que otherwise, on one hand godchild wants " Jing Shiqin is read " ; On the other hand godchild learns kind of crops, engraft to the son " the farmer is worldly first-class and top person " thought, supervise and urge they " dawn rises namely, learn sow wall frequently " , fine of intention of it may be said is bitter.

Olden scholar is more " be oblivious of the outside world, of one mind is read-only book of sages and men of virtue " and his like, forest criterion Xu Jiang is moved " read expensive using an age " , the purpose that reads namely depends on making contribution for the society. He admonishs son both neither can " read-only dead book and devoid experience " , also cannot " experience is difficult, and scholarship is thin " , and should accomplish read to pay equal attention to with practice, hope son has genuine talent already, can make contribution more for the society again.

Forest criterion Xu asks filial him resembling is same, the upright that it is an official not A, clear clean-fingered, do not be place of wealth and position of scholarly honour and official rank tired, should be in anything but give salary besides, absurd takes folk or subordinate one article one fine long hair. He leaves no less than in the place of a pair of couplet in the home to narrate: "If descendants is like me, leave money what to do, virtuous and much money, criterion caustic its annals; Descendants is inferior to me, leave money what to do, I and much money, beneficial adds his to pass " .
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