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Fuluoyide godchild
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Honor feels --

Honorary feeling of the child just often is established gradually below parental excitation. The meeting when Euramerican parent chats together says: "My daughter Yi Lisha takes the material for making clothes of Oscar award namely in vain. " " hey! Small Williams is zenithal and clever, 50 years old can get nobel prize. " ...

[growing course of Fuluoyide]

And the family education that honorary feeling of Fuluoyide comes from Judaic type however. He ability is 6 years old, father toes admonish accuse him: More than 1000 years since, our Jew is in all the time be driven, oppressive, exploit, below the tragic circumstances of disgrace and massacre, but to why can you still live for a long time does the Jew come down? Jewish intelligence why whole world of average prep above 51 times of each nation? Of is Judaic and factitious He Cao vertical community, of the country, is the bank that still has a whole world, money supplied, economy and commerce? Because, exert oneself of Jewish hundredfold ground service, go all out in work, advisability and abstemious.

Anger of undergo self-imposed hardships so as to strengthen one's resolve to do sth sends the Jewish type teaching in home that pursues strong, arouse the honorary feeling of a Fuluoyide: "My parents is a Jew. Myself also is a Jew. I can never understand why I am capable my nation my ancestor and feel ashamed, my often feeling has been acceded by oneself the sort of despises everything all intense emotion that our ancestors has to guard their shrine place, consequently, I am OK everything what ground of for that great hour on the history be most willing to gives me. " just about below the drive that the Judaic type honor that hair of anger of this kind of undergo self-imposed hardships so as to strengthen one's resolve to do sth pursues strong feels, fuluoyide founded finally for the mankind " depth psychology " and " the gender is psychological " .
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