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The mother chose successful route for Woerdu
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Wo Erdu is world-renowned physicist, the gainer of nobel prize. The taking of his achievement, capable the instruction at his mother. One's previous experience is in Wo Erdu the Du Gengwen of Irish Hua Tefu county. Father is a priest, it is compere of Irish manage churchly, in Ireland politics teach a bound to have mana quite.

Wo Erdu's father is very severe to filial requirement, he does not allow children to have the action of any aberrance. In a few children, what he likes most is Woerdu, attend communal association activity to often also be his belt beside every time. Father's every act, have profound effect to Woerdu. Wo Erdu's mother is the female of noble of an one's previous experience, rich culture, humanness is amiable and accessibly, and knowledge is extensive. She special be very fond of the child, but never coddle child, go up to ask all along strictly with moral character on study.

Although Wo Erdu is clever, but not good in result of the study in the school. The mother takes this problem seriously very () of heart of herewith of the world parents, but do not clear child why to study bad matter. To make the child obtains good result, she decides to change a school to the child (the natural report) that perhaps this just regards maternal angst as to fall.

Fertile Er pauses 12 years old that year, turn into a missonary school study. Since the first day when go to school to this missonary school from Woerdu, the mother watchs the child's show with respect to the attention.

Spent period of time, study result of Wo Erdu still go up not to go. After the mother passes careful observation, found the reason that does not go on result of Woerdu study eventually, paying the rich home children that writtened guarantee a few not big love learn at him. These rich home children, because domesticity condition is abundant, know amuse oneself only in the school and do not learn with the heart. Wo Erdu all day long is together with such children, natural bad also good geoscience reviewed. To bring Woerdu to the right way, she decides to allow Wo Erdu transfer again. (This one choice after studying carefully became the turning point of Wo Erdu life. (This one choice after studying carefully became the turning point of Wo Erdu life..

Before long, wo Erdu turns to a school. This school, management is orderly, study air is grumous. Wo Erdu is here, be edified goodly, get along plus maternal a very short time, patient education guides, wo Erdu eliminated to come from the interference of the outside, set his mind at to learn, without how long, study result went up. How to choose major for the child, it is an issue that cannot ignore in family education. In Woerdu major chooses to go up, mother also very attentively. At the outset, wo Erdu wants to learn social science. The body condition that she pauses according to fertile Er and hobby, suggest he learns science. Woerdujiao gets what the mother thinks to consider comprehensive than oneself meticulous, study science with respect to the decision then (we object exceed one's duties and meddle in others' affairs, but often look more far-reachingly than the child in a lot of moment parents more comprehensive, must ponder over ability travel) what just do father and mother deep.
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