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Block the education of Er · Fei Di
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Fei Di of · blocking Er was born 1800, a of Germany small country, father is a priest, this priest has vision quite, and original creation enough astonishs contemporary educational theory. He thinks, "The child's education, should undertake from the immediately when seeing cheeper intelligence begins to develop. " come so, major child becomes Long Chengfeng possibly in the future. But, the priest writes in its say again in the book: "Although I want to use method of this kind of education to breed a talent, but my meaning is absent make the child of myself makes a gift. I am only invocatory the child has complete moral quality. "

The priest says again, go up commonly, the education before school age or education of person of outstanding ability is humanness place bad-mouth. Because, some personages worry about the result of this kind of education, the child's character slants easily bend so as to breakstubborn, body condition is weaker also. However, fei Da of · blocking Er has perfect moral quality not only, and the advanced age that still lives to be 83 years old.

Fei Da of · blocking Er has learned 30 thousand vocabulary in infancy, the meeting is view language, Latin, English, Hellenic, have mathematical ability especially. He 9 years old enters ability namely will be read than stannic university, 13 years old catch philosophical court academician, after 16 years old get law doctor, each university that is in Germany teachs law. In addition, when study abroad, to Dantean research also makes expert learned man click of the tongue says to surprise.
Be in early before Carl is born, "Is those who decide children ability genetic? Is curb acquired education? " vexed all the time

Clerical father of Carl insists to advocate " educational comparing heredity is more important. From be born 5, of 6 years old of educational decision cheeper before in the future. " very regrettablly, this plants the priest to advocate distinctly, win one person support only at that time. The priest says indignantly: "If be not being believed, after the child that waits for me is born, the educational method that I want to use my teachs him, the proof looks to everybody! "

Before long, be born of quack of the first child, but very regrettablly, be gotten on before long advocate receive went back. Carl is the 2nd his child. This father begins the belief according to oneself then, breed his child attentively.  

Here, the reader wanted Er of free the stuck tools first is anything but inherent the children of endowment actor, contrarily, he is be considered as idiotic child almost. The mother that connects him says: "This child looks so stupid, you or little cost pains are good. " but, father is determined not to agree to abandon. He thinks: "We are accountability let the child reduce a setback after giving a society. " then ground of this sagacious father with one one's heart teachs Carl. The basic concept of his education is as follows:   
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