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Hong Kong money grows Tang Ying year the father with him
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Tang Ying year was August 2003 the director of finance of Hong Kong special zone that is appointed. Ancestral home Jiangsu suffers its father Tang Xiang without Director Tang of stannum the good family education of 1000, took native place of familial and patriotic love, do industrial good convention intently, all likelihoods are used up to serve a society on his position, service people. Let us develop orbit familially along Tang now, dug its successful origin.

  Good education, do poineering work dependably

On August 4, 2003 afternoon, dong Jianhua of commissioner of Hong Kong special zone announces in special zone headquarters, administration nominates according to his, appoint Tang Ying year director of department of finance of the government office that it is harbor...

That day afternoon 3 when 34 minutes, the reporter that do not have stannum was dialed far the Tang Zhai phone that is in Hong Kong, convey home town people to Tang Ying year by appoint the enthusiastic congratulation with important task. Those who pick up the telephone is Tang Ying year father -- Tang Xiang of Hong Kong famous businessman 1000 gentlemen. He says in the phone with sonorous voice: "Thank the care of home town people! Appoint be related to come from the accredit of Hong Kong people. Serve as what hold the post of finance director newly flower year, his current first job revitalizes Hong Kong economy namely... "

 The son of young promising, atmosphere and well-advised father

Tang Xiang 1000 was born in the Yan Jiaqiao that do not have stannum to press down old and well-known family of a spin 1923. Xiang the court of a feudal ruler founded grandfather the Tang Dynasty not to have textile mills of Xi Lixin cotton, renown shake Changjiang Delta; Jun Yuan of father the Tang Dynasty held the position of new wool spinning 26 years old to knit plant general manager, hair is clear and famed global " not woolen cloth of eat by moth " . 1945, tang Xiang 1000 obtain bachelor's degree of literature of university of Shanghai Great Harmony with outstanding achievement. Of the same age, he walks into Chinese company bank. As a result of him the job is free from anxiety seriously, popularity good, be promoted to be cashier division deputy section chief before long.

1947, tang Xiang 1000 encourage in father below, be determined " the world to the outside looks " . 1950, a seagoing vessel is carrying obtain Yilinuosi the Tang Xiang that the city establishs college master's degree 1000 came to Hong Kong. Industrial bank of China of his preexistence Hong Kong became chairman of 3 years of learn on job, so that understand the market of Hong Kong and economic bound situation. 1968, he and person partnership open knitting mill of Hong Kong peninsula, begin to manufacture ready-made clothes. 20 centuries 70 time, tang Xiang the 1000 opportunity that seize Euramerican large department store to order goods directly to the Hongkong's trader, founded oneself brand, career quickness expands.
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