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Godchild experience of Kaerweite
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A child of German Kaerweite, be awarded philosophical doctor's degree when resenting 14 years old. The experience that he teachs the child is:

1. Do not waste the child's intelligence. Prattle when the child learn when language, teach him right language, and do not say the kitten into " mew Mi " .

2. Develop thinking ability of the child as a child. Often raise a question, make the child independent think solve.

3. Exercise the child's memory. After telling a story to the child, want to let him child organize a language, undertake repeat.

4. Education increases observation capacity of the child. Sometimes parents does a few petty thing that violate convention intentionally, let the child correct.

5. Widen the child's eye shot. Often look after children enter activity of a few societies, let the child accept new thing, increase experience.

6. Develop the interest of child many sided.

7. Arouse the study passion that encourages the child. Parents should be accomplished have ask to answer surely, grant whatever is requested, be perfunctory anything but.

8. Ask strictly to the child as a child, the moral character that makes child nurturance good and habits and customs.


Origin: Henan teachs a net

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