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Make the same score in award: Grows slow tree can become a useful person
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The be difficult to do when he is born, ever was considered as by the mother bodeful. He when two years old still does not enrol a person to like, fall greatly on the bodily form because of him small, tremendous head is pressed so that he goes even the route bad, a lot of people suspect this child chairman becomes deformation. As a result of 3 years old many still won't talk, parents fears he is dummy very much, ever took him to had undertaken checking to the hospital. He started to talk at long last later, but say extremely not fluent, and the ability after the demanding length that speaks to must be passed is taken an examination of speaks out, enter period to 9 years old or such. After going to school, the opinion that teachers give him is " intellective and slow, do not defend discipline " , classmates also are not willing to come and go with him. The teacher says politely to his father: "Your son won't have prospect in the future! " he self-abased thought of to kip.
Father gets him to arrive outskirts beguilement. Father asks: "What do you know those two trees call the name? " his Mumude says: "Do not know. " " call Sha Ba high, call fir shortly, the child, do you feel which kinds of tree is precious? " " should be Sha Bashu, you see it so lofty. " " wrong! Grow quickly, woodiness needs loose; Grow slow, woodiness is hard gift is nice sell fund! And, have an insatiable desire for long tree worthless, do not see Sha Bashu initial stage grow madly, but grow slower more after 3 years, alleged a spent force, I return have not to had seen build exceeds 10 meters Sha Bashu. Fir is different, do not see it grow slow, but his constant ground insists to grow, and his life is extremely long, all ages on work is unchallenged. " saying, father gets him to before large tree. This chiliad fir that inserts Yun Xiao continuously up to now still vibrant, branch numerous Xie Mao. He admires a head to say to father: "Father, you are to want to call me to do to be opposite, although slow Dan Yongyuan holds to the way corp is growing up cold cedar, right incorrect? " father nods approvingly.
He wanted to kip no longer. Attend manual class once, he expended whacker interest just make stool of a platelet, get of teacher and classmates sarcastic, but he still home of recapture of in spirits ground looks to father. Father with him euqally glad. Because pass this to make coarse small bench only, father saw the son had the tenacity that hold to even if wins.
Who is this little boy? Everybody has guessed most propbably, he is later the Einstein of scientific great master outside renown epicenter.
Origin: Net of China family education

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