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Teach students in accordance of their aptitude gives an implied meaning -- Lin B
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Forest criterion Xu (1785, 1850) , quiet government official, the word is little solemn. Fujian Hou official (today Fuzhou) person. Jia Qingnian a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations. 1820 only then, mix in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hubei, Henan early or late be an official of Shandong and other places, rise make one's rounds to stroke by the member that, investigate actually in order to handle affairs again famous. 1837, during holding the post of lake wide governor, forbidden opium, fruitful. 1839, recieve orders to need secretary for drink, go to Guangdong ban opium, tiger door sells cigarette, repeatedly Ying Junwu outfit provokes defeat, advocate at the same time " chief skill of Shi Yi smooths with making " , establish interpret house to translate foreign language books and newspaper, initiated era medium or the beginning of compatriots research west. The war is started because of England during holding the post of two wide governors, meet with accuse falsely remove from post, banish Xinjiang. After 1845, be enabled to be make one's rounds of governor of pleasant of arrange manage short for Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi to stroke, the duty such as Yun Gui's governor. 1850, recieve orders to need secretary for drink once more, go dying of illness in road of Guangxi go to one's post. Composing has " Lin Wenzhong is fair politics book " , " forest criterion Xu diary " , " Yun Zunshan Fang Wen bank note " etc.
Forest criterion Xu contacted book 4 years old, beginning is to listen bigger than him child of 34 years old is recited, oneself also are held in both hands in be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears had book. Forest criterion why is Xu met do such in advance read?
So day of his father forest guest is a private school gentleman, lin Bin day gets the tax of person family education that hires a surname collect around at that time. Collect home and Home Lin press close to, father hopes children will have a bright future, take Xiaolin criterion Xu to attend private school together everyday, teach him to contact book, also let him follow a student to recite sometimes. Such, xiaolin forest criterion Xu Jing also was known many words. 
There are a lot of indescribable rules in private school, the student has a bit not from, can get physical punishment, make control gently, carry a brick on the head again. Lin Bin day objects such doing, he often says to others: "Children have the place with wrong what, should patient ground tells the truth on book to them to listen, let themselves correct an error, beating and scold can not be tweak. " he is consistent, do not beat and scold schoolchild easily, get the welcome of the child and child parents, accordingly, come the child that private school of his this family property goes to school is increasing. 
Forest criterion Xu Yan sees father gets the love and esteem of the child and their parent, in the heart very glad. He that little heart begins to want: "Father can teach a student well so, I should listen to him to teaching more, serious ground reads, let off shade of very little golden light anything but. " 
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