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Renown division gives Gao Tu
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Mo Bo mulberry (1850 - 1893) , 19 centuries second half period the critically realistic writer with outstanding France. Wrote the short story in 6 novel and 356 above all one's life, his literary achievement is highlighted most with the short story, be known as the king " of " short story, produce great effect to later ages. Its work is the choiceness with distribution structure, typical of detail choose, the natural style of writing like narrative and lyric gimmick and natural and smooth writing, provided model to later ages writer. Mo Bo mulberry and the family with harmonious neither one, his parental feeling is on bad terms, father is a businessman, and the daughter of an eminent family that the mother is a scholarly family however. After pitiful Mo Bo mulberry is born before long, his parents lived apart. Mo Bo mulberry follows a mother to live, they live in a villa of the seaside. The Mo Bo mulberry of childhood still experiences the anguish that is less than domestic misfortune, full day is carefree, clever lively, the mother looks in the eye, very gratified.

The mother loves his son very much, hold very tall hope to him. Herself teachs him to read Latin, inspire encourage him to write a poem. But, she often looks at a son to think abstractedly, relying on his to teach a son merely is far insufficient. Want son become a useful person, must seek a good teacher to him. Such, the ashamed that because did not give a son a happy family,also can make up for her remorses.

Then, the mother begins to ask everywhere, seek a good teacher to the son. The uncle of Mo Bo mulberry is a poet and fictionist, with the Dawenhaofu at that time the building is done obeisance to ever was a good friend. Concern as a result of this, the mother of Mo Bo mulberry also is done obeisance to with blessing building riper. She thinks suddenly one day, if let blessing building do obeisance to the teacher that will become a son, much better! But, can his where become a teacher to a common child easily? The mother comes in the pace in the room pace goes, determination does his best, strive for Lou Bai letting blessing to teach a son. Then, she begins to intensify the guidance that learns to the son, develop his deeper to literature interest. Encourage a son at once to write a thing more, and once the son was written, she is saved carefully come down, even if be a few messy segments only sometimes. Because she hopes some day can take blessing Lou Bai to look, get him give directions. Mo Bo mulberry sees the mother treats his " work " seriously so, feel embarrassed the poetry that keeps a few muddle through one's work or article are staying to the mother- - honest in that way too humiliating! Accordingly, he often suffers from hard thinking in the room alone, perhaps go the seaside takes a walk seek inspiration, the work that perhaps reads a few everybody enrichs him. such, his writing progress is greater and greater.
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