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Mao Zedong caustic the person of personal benefit person
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Mao Zedong (1893-1976) , of word embellish, hunan Xiangtan person. Great proletarian revolutionist, strategist and egghead, the main founder of Chinese Communist, the Chinese People's Liberation Army and People's Republic of China and leader, crackajack poet.

Maternal Mao Wenshi of Mao Zedong, honest and tolerant and virtuous, give Mao Zedong lifetime very big effect. Accordingly, mao Zedong is respected very much and love and esteem her. Mao Zedong ever said: "There are 3 kinds of people on the world, the person of harm others to benefit oneself; Hoggish and not the person of caustic person; Can caustic oneself and benefit the person at the person. My mother is last kinds of person. "Maternal goodness is extremely deep to Mao Zedong influence.

Maternal Wen Qimei of Mao Zedong although have not has studied a book, but Buddhist thought is extremely close to her influence. Buddhism tells compassionate, alms giving, equal, humanitarian, these thoughts have whole report on body of Mao Zedong mother. Her a person's mind is kind-hearted, rich to poor person sympathize with a heart, often hiding the truth from the husband to give give financial help to of poor local people food. When famine, the poor cadges, she is to add alms giving more more. It is very difficult that Mao Zedong has a Tang Shusheng to live, father Mao Shunsheng thinks " of " take advantage of sb's precarious situation buys next his paddy fields, this sufferred object of the mother stoutly, and the mother often is taking Mao Zedong go secretly give financial help to this poor a member of the same clan. Maternal goodness is extremely deep to Mao Zedong influence, be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears, do not have breath ground infiltration soundlessly his little heart, make Mao Zedong is had extremely to the weak as a child sympathize with a heart, often help others like the mother.

Begin to read in private school when Mao Zedong is 67 years old, a day, he puts forward to want to taking lunch to eat in the school to the mother. Wen Qimei thinks the son may be to save roundtrip time and energy, use this paragraph of time to read bit of book more, agreed with the son's requirement then. But be in this is the following successive inside a few days, the lunch that Wen Qimei discovers to the son is taken is measured than much, but classes are over in the evening the appearance that after coming home, appears very hungry as before. She does not fear by the ground what the son got to blame disease, mao Zedong of fine fine interrogate. Mao Zedong is forced conscientiously ground tells a mother: "Mom, our private school came to to call black skin child recently child classmate, in his home very poor, eat without lunch everyday. I see he always starves. Then I think I bring lunch, good with black skin child child two individual divide evenly are worn eat. "Wen Qimei hears this word of the son, not only did not blame a son, feel very gratified instead. She tells a son to say: "You should be a bit earlier tell me. It is correct that you are done so, I am very glad. But should take later enough two the individual's lunch, lest two people are underfed. "After this, wen Qimei always prepares two the individual's lunch to the son, meal is bigger and bigger also.
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