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Huang Yan earths up the feather duster on the ground
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Huang Yan is earthed up (1878-1965) , the word holds the post of, alias is held in the arms one, our country patriotism and democratically crackajack educationist, politician and poet. have " Chinese trade war fails history " " China teachs Yo history to want " " travel notes of Yellow Sea annulus " " come 80 years " , peotry anthology " the day grows market " " Gong Sang " .

As an educationist, huang Yan earths up what care children very to grow. Below his elaborate education, his children people got health grows. The concern between they and father is deep also to extremely.

Huang Yan earths up special to children care and care, but must not children spend money in disorder. He and wife also do not give children pocket money in disorder. And requirement children spend money to want keep account one by one. In going up till the child, learn, also often be to have only in the hand a few money, having a silver dollar is much. But, help the fellow student of poor difficulty to children, they do not object not only, return sometimes a few aid financially. They still teach children honest, not storytelling, falsehood and boast.

After a day of dinner, huang Yan is earthed up see a few children are making game in house, go in upstairs study alone. He is abrupt brainwave easily, throw a feather duster intentionally on the ground, rush to cry downstairs next: "Children, go upstairs at once come, father is occupied look for you! Father is occupied look for you!!

Hear father call sound, big daughter runs toward upstairs hastily, she is afraid of the duster that steps on the ground bad to go up, circled a turn to run to the side of father. Young son is unwilling also give the impression of weakness, run directly forth, see the duster on the ground, strode one stride suddenly, got a " the 2nd " . Young daughter sees elder brother and elder sister already the swift-footed arrive first, did not know to produce what thing again, 3 paces make two paces ground drive house to the doorway, discover the duster on the ground held off outlet, the base is used under stretch duster spurn.

Mrs. Huang does not know marital intention, feel true what to have important thing, also catch up with the building comes. She sees the duster on the ground soon, stoop waist comes to billiards pick up gently, replace is in formerly.

"Father, do you look for us what to thing there is? "Ground of all with one voice asks children father. "For the thing of duster. "Huang Yan earths up very earnest ground to say. You see children me, I see you, what sell after all in calabash of not clear father is what medicine. "Where is duster a moment ago? "Huang Yan is earthed up ask. "On the ground. "The answer says children. "So, who be come to its pick up? "" is mom. "" why don't you know to come to its pick up? "Father asks then. Children are silent. Huang Yan earths up ground of sincere words and earnest wishes to say: "You a few children know rule not quite, see thing chaos is thrown apathetic also, and your mom however can truly thinking ground collects it rise replace is in formerly. Look this is a bagatelle, mirror instead however you have very big difference with your mom on style. Your mom handles chore for a long time, nurturance laborious habit, but you however what thing depends on adult, how is this OK? Remember me in one's childhood, do not read well, your grandmother is in mortal before before calling me the bed, say distressedly to me: You see ' , who resembles you such stroll days? Grandpa how? Mother-in-law how? Dad how? Farmer people is each busy how? Have you only, both neither reads seriously, do not work well again, how Where is person of not let sb down? ' this word, I up to now unforgettable. I hope you also want to remember the teachings of the deceased of grandmother, from now on go to school is worn do chore, him society takes care of him, was brought up to just can be for the country civilian perform real deeds. "Children are hearing father's word, ashamed ground is low first. Evermore, children are contending for side mom to do a business, learning the life to provide for oneself hard, each respect progresses very quickly.
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