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How does mental health maintain before taking an examination of
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Yunnan daily net

Psychological expert end of this month tells you

The reporter can learn from a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of Yunnan save worry yesterday, the demand of the student with the university entrance exam and parent is studied in attending this year to satisfy preparation, zhao Jianxin of associate professor of psychology of Yunnan Normal University will on May 29 late 8 when to 10 when, in Yunnan province library report hall is made

It is reported, zhao Jianxin is graduated from Beijing University psychology to fasten, be engaged in mental health all the year round research, seek advice, speech and education, publish monograph of about a hundred 10 thousand words, in the province inside and outside discourses on an academic subject amount to hundreds. This lecture choosing is in in take an examination of and eve of the university entrance exam, it is do one's best resolves the study before taking an examination of for the student, review the psychological issue that goes up with examination room, recommend a study, adjust psychology pressure, happy the method that faces an exam. Undertake this the concerned chief of the lecture says to the reporter, learn the ascensive speed of achievement, what should rely on the many sided such as student, teacher, parent, society is interactive, need favorable environment and atmosphere, and the health of quality of psychology of its high school student cannot be ignored.

Zhou Ping is foreign (spring wall evening paper)

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