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Parents teachs the key that is domestic education success or failure
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Contemporary family and family are taught, as modern society changes, already became cosmopolitan issue. The family is mix for the foundation with marriage with consanguineous the main unit that forms for ligament society lives, it is the cell with the smallest society. The socialization unit that domestic since individual contacts the earliest, also be a society the cornerstone of stable solidarity. Accordingly, a contemporary healthy family, truly solid bestow develops effective family to teach a function, what make country and social progress is essential with the foundation. Stable family and the value that scientific family teachs are clearly. So, how to implement domestic education after all? On wh which direction, which content should the key of domestic education put our country again now?
The content that the family teachs is very extensive. It includes domesticity ethics of formal, family (human relation) , education of relation of marriage of domestic morality, husband and wife, children, domesticity is taught (environmental management, economy management, diet is healthy management, recreation management) teach with parents. And this is a lot of in content, at present most pressing and what solve urgently is parental education, because the main purpose of parental education depends on,improve parental quality.
Alleged parents is taught, point to pair of parents to have education namely, namely before parents is having education to children, parental oneself learns first, get education first. Main show is in the value that parents teachs:
1. Adopt parental education, improve parental quality, this will lay next solid foundation to promote quality of generation of relative superiority or inferiority, will promote a society directly stable with development, achieve the goal that improves quality of mouth of clansman of the whole people further thereby.
2. Adopt parental education, improve parental quality, can teach for the school by should try education to teach change to establish a good society to quality foundation and establish an appropriate social atmosphere.
3. Adopt parental education, improve parental quality, can decrease to effect a radical cure even the occurence rate of problem children and bad boy. Because, problem children and the source that bad boy emerges depend on growing up. Consider to make clear, parents, teacher and other adult teach thought, idea and method incorrectly, it is the main reason that produces problem children and bad boy. The problem of problem children is absent children itself.
4. Adopt parental education, improve parental quality, can improve educational idea of parents and specific educational means and skill. The specific education method that changes father and mother thereby lags behind at the current situation that children grows, make parents can capable to prevent the problem that produces with the likelihood in be aware children grows ahead of schedule.
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