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Child diligent, need to be fostered wholeheartedly
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Some parents the child " lazy " accusing the natural disposition at them, this kind of idea is broken again actually biased, whether can parents want to such setting has happened in the life?

Sweeping the floor when parents, wash the moment such as the bowl, whether has the child had itch to try? But parents however thing of bang up of child of for fear that, dirty clothes, or add a trouble and try to check. Not reconciled to loses children the opportunity of the attempt, then they go up in parental edge " secretly " diligent, what bring about as a result is parents is prevented forcibly rebuke even. Right now, parents perhaps did not realize he is strangling laborious character of the child.

Visible, cause the child " lazy " of character is him parents. When waiting for parents to discover the child is very lazy commonly, they often already nurturance this habit, correct it is so not easy to also become, but correct imperative:

1, encourage, praise
Did a bit thing actively when the child, no matter that thing is done whether praiseworthily, should praise him, encourage him, praise him, such meetings make he increases working interest greatly.

2, teach patiently
Lazy of course child is formed is by no means a day cold, the change of lazy child also is not temporarily result. So parents wants to notice, the manner is unfavorable and curt, unfavorable take out a mother constant some chatters, because these often can cause the child's allergy, things go contrary to one's wishes.

3, education work pleasure
When working together with the child, want to make labor becomes interesting as far as possible, not so as dry as a chip, bored.

4, labor is not penalty
Labor should not become a kind of penalty to let the child bear more, in that way, the child can increase the ill feeling of be disgusted with to the job only, become do not love the job more.

Also some of child is behaved in nursery school active, often be praised by Laoshi. Time wait for adult to serve everywhere however in the home. To this kind of child, those who need parents and teacher is close cooperate, let the child also can resemble be like nursery school in the home, those who become a diligent is provoking the child that like.

Origin: Net of Chinese public science and technology

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