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Judicatory exam civil code reviews a few points that should grasp (below)
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Exam of national administration of justice grooms central director fizzles out 盨

  With the law give priority to revise a method

To avoid controversy, the content that judicatory takes an exam mostly apt basis law give a title, when be being reviewed accordingly, the most important material is a law, teaching material of and rather than. Master a magic art adroitly only, ability reachs to a few specious problems correct conclusion.

But what is key law, key law in should master what key content again, it is the place that examinee needs more study. Counterpoise chooses a magic art basic study method wants namely analytic among them content, because this masters a magic art do not solve through recital, be remembered however through grasping the pattern of among them keyword.

Law what study must combine case, true subject to have development is outspread, quite, just may be in judicatory exam the result that has obtained. If legal clause assimilate to linear, so current judicatory exam examination questions is 2 dimension mostly, it is three-dimensional even. Of civil code be in hard having endless change at civil problem. For instance, the classic subject in law take an examination ofing " 5 oxen " (the law took an examination of thematic) 1999, will hand in move of credit formula, droit, propagate to cease namely attributive, risk is assumed waited for a problem to make integrated check. Generally speaking, stay simply in the law the level is reviewed, the assessment of exam of very inaccessible judicatory to civil code asks. Law be height coagulate refine, abstract wraparound, the law reductive be specific, multifarious law fact, relation is accomplished very hard. The demand that civil code learns pair of ability that consider debate is very high.

   See true problem more, do an exercise more

See true subject have the profit of a few respects more: ① notchs directly.

We can see in the civil code part with medium 2002 examination questions, among them reduplicative content: (2002 3 odd 3) and (2000 2 odd 7)(are preferential buy right) (2002 3 odd 6) and (cancel of 2000 3 odd 23)(counterpoise during dividing denounce) (2002 3 odd 13) and (watch of 2000 3 odd 14)(sees a representative) )

② grasps a focal point, hold the train of thought that gives a title and method.

Those who need an attention is, to the understanding of true subject, cannot stay in merely " I can be done " on the level, and ought to invest the time that comparative, thorough to these content understanding, analyse, achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject.

Say objectively, the civil law that has 25% asks solution to a problem to there is a basis when the problem. Civil code problem is solved in judicatory exam, it is with law and judicatory explanation above all accurate. It is with a consensus of compose a quarrel of academic group next accurate, be like: Declare death applies for to have without ordinal problem (comet seeing bridge is written " civil code is topical " 2001 edition 124 pages) ; Be like again: The object theory bound of creditor's rights and solid Wu group are centralized think, it is to give Fu Hang to be, be the right and the mark that obligation points to, try the content of its and mark effectively to distinguish. Reply with the basic principle of civil code next again. When above cannot make judgement and check, can consider to often manage with the society to allow.
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