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Knowledge of overview of management information system is inscribed (2)
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The program of 4. management information system, development is politic (comprehend)

The concept that 4.1 management information systems plan

Program of management information system: Be about the management information system the program of long-term development, to the enterprise, it is a component that enterprise courage and resource plans.

The content that 4.2 management information systems plan

The target of 1) information system, tie and structure. The total target of system of condition of the strategic target that includes a company namely, external environment, in-house environment, in-house tie, information and of the program that finish specific measure a standard to wait.

The ability condition with current 2) . State of progress of the use case that includes system of hardware circumstance, current software circumstance, application and personnel circumstance, hardware and software personnel and charge, project reachs an opinion.

3) develops to affecting the IT of the plan forecast.

4) near future plans. Include: Of hardware equipment purchase project of schedule, application to develop schedule, software to safeguard requirement of the demand of resource of working hours watch, manpower and timeline of Training Within Industry, as financial as changeover capital to wait.

4.3 level models of Nolan and its develop level 6 times

Install at the beginning of 1) (the function that illuminative, study uses)

2) spreads (information abhorrent, information shares redundant, code hard wait for confused situation)

3) is controlled (it is to come true to give priority to the key that changes direction to give priority to changeover with data management from computer management, general progress is slower)

4) is compositive (build database of collect Chinese style, offer auxiliary and decision-making, refurnish, budget to grow)

5) data manages

6) is mature

A few kinds of strategy of 4.4 development management information system

Development MIS has two kinds of strategy: "From bottom to top " and " from above to below " .

5. The basic method that develops MIS application envy (comprehend)

The concept of lifecycle of 5.1 management information systems
Lifecycle: A system was used a certain number of after year, because the likelihood is new circumstance, new issue, people has raised new target and new requirement, ask to design updated system thereby. This kind of go round and round, the process that does not cease circularly is called systematic lifecycle.

Lifecycle of 5.2 management information systems the working content of each phase

The problem of the characteristic of 5.3 lifecycle law and existence

Characteristic: Lack the circumstance of experience to old system or systematic development, it is OK to use lifecycle method overall situation of base oneself upon, consolidate step by step, reduce do poorly done work over again, be helpful for improving development quality, accelerate a project to accept plan. Otherwise, eager for quick success and instant benefit, design blindly, often pay high price, end in order to fail even.
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