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Responsibility of child high spending is in the parent
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A satchel is about 200 multivariate, sneaker of a pair of famous brand is about 559 yuan, party of a birthday costs thousands of yuan... a few " contemporary teenager " the vanity to satisfy oneself and curiosity, disregard domestic economic atmosphere, go after high spending blindly. We think, responsibility of problem of child high spending is in parents, parents should undertake to the child correct fortune watchs education.

Minor raises unreasonable economic requirement, outside producing negative impact to the psychology of minor besides social culture environment, return grow in quantity of as female as the singleton family, closely related the educational means that parents satisfies the child blindly to ask. Chinese tradition is parents would rather the requirement that oneself bear hardships to also want to satisfy the child, this is normal human feelings originally, but if parents regards this as " take great pride " thing, instead is easy the vanity of nurturance child. Want to teach the child, get educationist to grow above all. The morality that this is whole society group rebuilds problem, is not the child on one hand problem.

The parent should help the child establish correct philosophy and viewpoint of value above all, do not want make endless concessions or crude beat and scold, should patient ground persuades education; Next, teacher and parent should learn to change interest spot of the child, replace unreasonable demand ably with reasonable requirement; Finally, the school, family and society should form resultant force, eradicate the potential factor that harm minor grows. To already the child that nurturance high spending is used to, should help them establish the concept with creation riches glory, wasteful disgraceful fortune, tell them first " accumulate " hind " consumption " the way that just is the person that succeed.

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