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The management information system summarizes intellectual problem
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System of information of the 1st order is summarized

1. Information and information system (knowledge write down)

The meaning 2004-4-11 of 1.1 informatization

The essence of informatization is to make information -- the dominant resource of this one society produces effect adequately, popularizing IT is a method, using information truly is a purpose, informatization is the process that achieves a goal.

The definition of 1.2 information and data

Data: Record the symbol that comes down to be able to be differentiated, itself and no point.

Information: To the explanation of data, data remains data through processing, only the course explains ability is significant, just make news.

The character of 1.3 information

Sex of objectivity, effectiveness for a given period of time, not sex of completeness, value, grade sex (strategic class, politic class, exercise class)

The overview of 1.4 systems and information system

System: It is to achieve some kind of goal and make the arrangement that has the law to a flock of unit, the made whole that makes a relevant couplet.

Information system: It is system of a man-made, it is comprised by hardware of person, computer, software and data resource, the purpose is seasonable, the correct collection, treatment, memory, information that deliver and provides decision-making place to need, the management of each activity in realizing an organization, adjust and control.

Information system includes: Information processing system, information transmits a system

The type of 1.5 information system

Exercise information system: By system of system of control of business processing system, process and office automation 3 parts are comprised.

Management information system: Include news report system, decision-making support system, director information system.

2. Management and decision-making (knowledge write down)

The concept of 2.1 management

Management: It is the need that people works jointly, it is to achieve stated goal and use multiform, method, method to wait to person, money, content have plan, organization, leader and pilot the floorboard of a series of activities.

"Administrative task depends on can adopting formulate and the target of executive organization, obtain good outstanding achievement at benefit. Obtain good outstanding achievement at benefit..

The 4 big basic function of 2.2 management: Plan function, organization function, leader function, control function

3 administrative levels of 2.3 management system: Control of strategic management, government, exercise manages

2.4 decision-making definitions: Decision-making: It is the conscious, has a choice activity that people has to achieve stated goal
4 phase of 2.5 decision-making processes: Information activity level, design activity level, choice activity level, executive activity level
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