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" work of Chinese modern literature is chosen " study is directive
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The countrywide all of this directive article basis inspects teaching material (teaching material of big edition of the division that be not north) , do not apply to Beijing from examinee.

" work of Chinese modern literature is chosen " exam content sets by exam outline, cent reads analysis and extracurricular to make for the text, article read an analysis two parts. The overall assessment cent that reads an analysis about the text is written down to know analyse two kinds big with understanding. We know the main assessment content that notes kind of problem to do guidance below.

Outline regulation, know the main task that write down to have: (one) the author of every text and its place belong to literary mass organizations, genre; (2) knowledge write down every text place to belong to file category; (3) knowledge write down undermentioned of two kinds of work publish setting of time, creation: One kind is to be in literary history or the work that the writer has important sense on creation road, another kind is the work closely related content and creation setting. Among them " express time " it is to point to period or time, be like " 54 " period of period, Zun Lian period, war of resistance against aggression or 20 time, 30 time, 40 time, do not ask to know which to write down one year. (4) know the main person that in writing down a text, row of place of narrative sex work makes.

Novel part ought to know the content detailed that write down to list as follows:

One, depict farmer figure and the novel that the country lives.

(one) con 1. " A Q is passing " : Author Lu Xun, original name week cultivates a person, belong to novelette, it is the author is published at the beginning of 20 time " 54 " the work of period. Create setting: 54 period, in save the nation save civilian below powerful thoughts concussion, the thoughts of culture of a didacticism that cultural circles appears gradually predominate, they advance a lot of culture ideas that promote a nation, among them one of should undertake namely " ethical ego is critically " . Literary creation is behaved in what carry out this kind of thought to go up even if disclose " I is weak " national sex; Him Lu Xun also says, he should be written " A Q is being passed " , because want,be " the soul that draws so silent countryman comes " , and say, "I still am afraid that what I see (A Q) be not contemporary predecessor, however ever since, or contest is after 229 years " . In article main character: Father of A Q, Zhao Tai, Wang Hu, false foreign devil, Mom, small D.

2. " border town " : Shen Congwen, yue Huan of original name Shenyang, main work has " choose from article novel do exercises in composition " , novelette " border town " , " endless flow " , prosaic collect " Hunan travel random notes " etc. Work is published at 30 time. Writing setting: The China of 30 time, as a result of warlord battle royal, of capitalist force inbreak, the country goes broke, and alleged " new life moves " carry out, the sort of " beautiful, healthy, natural and do not be contrary to again life form of human nature " alled gone. For the word of the person that use as, namely: Contemporary 2 words already went to West Hunan, try to notice carefully, see a degenerate in change trend. The clearest responsibility, namely the gift of that bit of just simple and unadorned with rural society peculiar place is beautiful, be about to disappear almost without more than, a kind what replace and come is success of education of nearly 20 years of actual societies however only solid only profit is low philosophy " . The author's starting point does not depend on pair of actual distinct emersion, pass however build an ideal world, the careladen Zhong Zhong that will convey him to degenerate to human nature and to creating the glow of moral character of this kind of nation. Main character has the writer: Old boatman, emerald green emerald green, boat always arranges suitable, day to protect etc.
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