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Chinese child why not happy?
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The children of 78% not happy

By frequency of news of Shanghai broadcasting station Normal University psychology fastens He Huadong to be held together this second investigation, arrive 12 years old in the light of 6 years old (namely nursery school the top class in a kindergarten arrives elementary school 6 grade) teenager children undertook psychology is investigated, reclaim effective questionnaire 1087. Big psychology of Hua Dong division fastens professor Sang Biao to appeal: "Children psychology problem cannot consider the child's issue merely, want to be put in social environment to seek settlement way however. Want to be put in social environment to seek settlement way however..

78% feel not happy

Children should be carefree, there is 78% to feel not happy recently actually in the child that can join investigation. Children wrote down 837 reasons in questionnaire multifarious, include among them: The body gets hurt, fall ill, exercise much, parents does not let see TV cartoon, without pin money, cannot snack, attend class do not have title of strong, maths to won't be done, the desire was not reached, the thing that is forced to do oneself not to like, lose a thing to wait a moment.

Make discover after classify to these reasons, because of parental blame even rebuke and not happy occupy 15% . This becomes most classify. Investigation personnel thinks, the parent's incorrect education means becomes the child depressed " culprit " .

63% do not wish to appeal parents

Children are joyless, but they are not willing to appeal to parents however. The child of 63% is in not happy when, the choice does not want to let parents know; The child of 53% auxes would rather will solve psychological dilemma alone; Only the child of 16% chooses to regard drain as the object his parents. Children psychology expert thinks, this shows the independent consciousness of contemporary teenager children is increasing on one hand, also make clear the child to be in to self-identity feeling of parents on the other hand reduce.

Such circumstance has in another problem more outstanding show. When the child of 72% is doing work, do not hope parents sits beside.

79% think parents is exacting

The child has a word to be not told with parents, the problem is not consulted to parents, is this why? The child of 79% thinks parents is having firm demand to his study result and place!

Sang Biao says: "The external pressure of children is in increase, and inherent power decreases greatly however. " the child of 41% thinks pressure comes from a teacher, of 31% think to come from parents, the child that still has 28% is having breathtaking " self-discipline " quality, their meeting ego is applied pressure. "The child nowadays to the life dissatisfactory go up in psychological level centrally, there is this answering even on their body by the pressure of adult bear. " Sang Biao says.
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