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Award with the fish -- the 10 old essential technique of Chinese study
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Latter, social all circles (especially literary bound, academia) a man of insight, put forward a large number of acuteness to active Chinese education and the criticism of cogency thering is no lack of, wraparound rise, nothing more than be: The teacher teachs very tiredly, the student learns especially to suffer from; Ought not to learn be popular, should learn did not acquire a hand truly; Expended the student's youth, affected the student's health, twist of land of different even level leaves the heart of generation person. Through criticism and think over, we must again a teacher and student that our forefathers keeps pick up is gnomic: Award do not be like with the fish award with fishing.

Supply on book market at present, installing in student satchel, piling on pedagogic desk, advertise on news media, still have what make this lifetime suggestion only the alleged Chinese study that on 10 thousand farmers come to promote to each school coachs examination paper of books and periodicals, exercise book, imitate is waited a moment, although mostly the honor that the coronal has school of division of a person of academic or artistic distinction, name, name (some is sham its name, some is what this kind of person that the head has a face compiles really) , but this kind of overrun goods great majority can return for " fish " , and not be delicious true nourishing certainly " fish " , have even many it is to use what expanded plastics counterfeits " fish " ; Truly valuable can return for " fishing " a kind Chinese is referenced kind coach kind of reader is difficult however look for a trace. Must be being faced up to especially is, the general Chinese teaching material that place of our at present uses, include very hard also " fishing " category, do not have at least will " award with fishing " the tenet is perforative among them.

We might as well is Chinese study to what first " fishing " , it after all this the thing is formed by what, make some discuss.

The author thinks, in Chinese education, pedagogic place wants to give a student " fishing " , should be the student learns Chinese now, be helpful for each respect development is lifetime in the future the basiccest kongfu of benefit from, have the following content roughly.

One, Chinese Phonetic Alphabet.
Chinese Phonetic Alphabet is annotate and pronunciation of corrective Chinese character is handy and scientific tool, compared with law of a traditional method of indicating the pronunciation of a Chinese character by using two other Chinese characters,

2, the character is written.
The character is written should standard, clear and do one's best is beautiful. Punctuation mark should inspect the organic component of composition word, also should achieve this one requirement.

3, recite with recital.
Recite language material to should accomplish colour of correct, clear, rich affection. The object of recital should be excellent classic text version, and the pedagogic classroom that should not be be current of at present place explains note and the thing that exercises answer and so on is without recital value.
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