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"Civil code learns " construe data
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One, how to revise civil law before take an examination of?

1. Guiding ideology: (to this book character) do not see affirmation do not pass; Those who look is too careful also do not pass.

2. Macroscopical hold teaching material: Topical, person counterpoises, content counterpoises, creditor's rights, right of inheritance, tort. (among them, occupy topically 35%- - 40% )

3. What is the content of true scrutiny wanting a young animal? (key: Classify a problem)

(1) the classification of civil rights (2) . The classification of civil action (3) . Acting classification (4) . The classification that person counterpoises (5) . The classification of debt (6) . The classification of content (7) . The classification that content counterpoises (8) . The classified above of tort the very key that 8 problems are this book! Above all, classify a standard; Next, substantival meaning; Finally, understanding is divisional its meaning.

4. Become true problem appropriately.

2, the key in civil code key!

1. The equal principle in the basic principle of civil code.

2. Civil law concerns:

(1) ability of natural person right, conduct competence.

(2) custody.

(3) declare is missing, declare dies.

(4) protect touch a clause to disable; Bright for the affiliation solid disable for leasehold clause.

3. Acting limits.

4. Break down of litigant actual effect and interrupt 5. The effigies authority in person authority and privacy counterpoise 6. The drawing in creditor's rights and confuse sth with sth else.

7. Tort liability returns mediumly duty principle, liability of 8 big special tort

Origin: Beijing from study a hot line
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