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Family education public lecture lecturing
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"We should do smart parents friends parents to let children learn in a happy, growing up in the joy." 8 am, Sichuan Province, home education instructors four clean sheets lecturers are experts in Suining City, some parents as a representative of tutor talk. Day, Suining City, the first time, family education, public lecture Experimental Primary School, soaring mountains of the boat began to speak, to attract a lot of parents came to listen. In order to further implement the spirit of congress and the central, provincial and municipal party committee to strengthen ideological and moral construction of the relevant arrangements, the committee for the municipal, municipal Women's Federation and the City Board of Education jointly organized by the county department of concrete implementation of the relevant large public events, is the city in 2010 for the minor to do one of the facts, will continue until the end of the year.
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