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Liu Jiaxi: "serious" is the radical Paid Family "killer"
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Yesterday, Wuhan City Board of Education informed that in the first 10 months of paid tutoring behavior Wuhan 7 teachers, all administrative departments of education given in accordance with relevant provisions dealt with severely, in which 3 people were criticized, 2 person years Degree examination identified as unqualified, 1 suspended reflection, a person is the school dismissed. (November 18, "Metropolis Daily" 8 Edition) IMHO, I saw this news post in the first time, recalling the tragic to think of a great man before his death, Chairman Mao Zedong's famous saying. Chairman Mao said: "The fear of the world, afraid of 'serious' word, the Communist Party Talk to the most serious. "Look, is not it? Face screaming paid tutor for many years, Wuhan City, this time a little one" serious ", there are seven teachers" revealed depression "have been punished. Seen in this light, Wuhan City in the renovation is moving Paid Family a " True ", does that considered good! However, the author of Wuhan City in the practice of applause for the same time, not when to ask ourselves: such a big Wuhan, only the seven teachers in high-paid tutor? Certainly, the answer is no. Because, the author of the Gu Mother in Wuhan university, and her sister are doing a lot of school tutoring, school sister told her that there are a lot of in-service teachers to tutor, it is to money, tutor wages than their higher income and more. As a result, I guess, the "leakage Network are "relative to that seven teachers were in terms of handling, and perhaps clever (hidden) fills, students and parents have not been reported, naturally no one to" verified. "This reasoning, the reason is very simple, is the so-called" people not Report, the official did not study "pictures. In fact, as an educator, I know, hot tutoring market, Wuhan is not a "case", can be said to be universal in the country. As we all know, its roots in the examination-oriented education "sub- "In trouble, mental comparisons between the parents, fear of children lost in the so-called" starting line line. " Nowadays, we must recognize that an indisputable fact that the influence by the social environment, a number of utilitarian thought and impetuous mind the negative things that have invaded the campus, campus and therefore is no longer a pure land. In Is that few teachers can be described as sharp-eyed fast chips, aimed at the tutoring market, "Business" --- the classroom hold back, make after-school tutoring. Makeup of this is normal, but added a "paid" the word on the big taste, especially the "to be extra lessons . "What is more, individual teachers put up similar" troupes, "taught a class, clearly the price out tutor, in pursuit of an alternative value of life. In this regard, we can imagine, with such a teacher, so the educational philosophy, Qi Not with the "do people have no education," contrary to it? High school as a teacher, the body is the norm. In view of this, the author suggests in Wuhan "serious" punishment on the basis of paid tutoring, in-depth, thorough, further in-depth, serious, serious, and then carefully, so that those who engage in paid tutor, seamless Drilling, no holes can get into, but also education, a paradise! Because, only "serious" is the radical Paid Family "killer."
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