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British Columbia Canada attacked the local Chinese language education policy
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According to Canada's "World News" news, British Columbia, Canada in recent years, China-related trade, tourism, study and immigration continues to heat up, but educators are University of British Columbia province in the Chinese education policy has criticized the lack of long-term view, insufficient funding waste of "Asia-Pacific Gateway," which is the local Chinese immigrant status and resources. Head of Department of Asian Studies University of British Columbia Conn (Ross King) has on the community forum at the University of British Columbia said that the global attention to China fever, Chinese is the language of the world, one of the most difficult, but the government has in the language education policy varies, highlighting the Government for the "Pacific Gateway" policy lacks long-term thinking, and the neighboring United States have implemented the "national language kindergarten through to university" (K-16 Mandarin Language Pipeline), which lasted 17 years is a far cry from the long-term Chinese language education. He said that the government funding and policies are grossly inadequate, the existing programs only limited community-driven grass-roots style, "also at a very early stage." He pointed out that Homeland Security and the Ministry of Education has to learn Chinese and understand China as a strategic consideration, the federal government to fund long-term cultivation of higher Chinese people, but increases in number of Chinese immigrants in British Columbia, but could not see the government put to good use. Some worry that Chinese public opinion for once into the public school system will take away existing resources and the status of French courses, Conn that is misleading, and that the current development of Chinese education in the province, and has been operating there integration of education in French is not in the same starting point, Moreover, the "no one has said do not learn Chinese learn French," Department of Education need to think about the policy side and the funding. University of British Columbia, director of the Asian Department of Chinese, said Li, end to end, the local Chinese language education entirely by the Chinese community's lofty ideals and parents spare no effort put into the Government's role to be strengthened. University of British Columbia established two years ago, "Chinese Language and Culture Research Center", for teaching materials, teacher training is also conducted systematic research, Li said end to end, British Columbia, the development of Chinese education is entirely the resources. Appeal for scholars, British Columbia, said Mr Li Canming intend to invite scholars, Chinese teachers and relevant officials of the provincial government dialogue, I hope the provincial government attach importance to Chinese language education issues.
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