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2008 each colleges are own recruit students signs up start
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Although leave,the university entrance exam still had large half an year 2008, but the recruit students job of each college had been being started stealthily. Recently, respective own recruit students was announced on the recruit students net of the college such as Normal University of university of Zhejiang university, Beijing University, Tsinghua, Beijing general rules, the net reports a passageway to already also was opened, in order to attract outstanding student.

   Old policy of short for Zhejiang Province did not change greatly

From short for Zhejiang Province the general rules of newest recruit students that announces on large network looks, job of own recruit students will be in the earliest Tianjin, Shanxi, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shaanxi 11 provinces (city) undertake, among them Guangdong province, Jiangsu province is recruited only select the student that studies physics, henan province recruits science department examinee only (because do not have liberal art recruit students,plan) . Be born independently must attend the university entrance exam, achievement of the university entrance exam needs to achieve short for Zhejiang Province to admit a line to issue less than 20 minutes in place greatly. Among them, the examinee that attends originality to design kind of professional and own recruit students needs to queue up to affirm alone, achievement relaxes to admit a line to issue less than 30 minutes to place.

Current, system of old undergraduate course of short for Zhejiang Province signing up is already liberal, application effectiveness for a given period of time comes on December 15.

It is reported, after signing up, pass material evaluation, partial student will be singled out to attend integrated choose exam. Written examination time is in in January 2008 the first ten days of a month, course of written examination of science department examinee: Maths, physics, English 3 divisions, each division divides a value to all be 100 minutes; Article science gives birth to written examination course: Chinese, maths, English 3 divisions, each division divides a value to all be 100 minutes. Still have interview in addition, according to choose exam result, the study result that combines phase of applicant middle school and each respect is behaved, the school just can record list beforehand certainly.

   Tsinghua divides province sort first

Own 2008 recruit students will change Tsinghua university whole nation of in former years unites the means that queues up greatly, execute minute of province to divide category sort first, preferred maintain. In addition, tsinghua is own the exam course of recruit students raises 4 families by the 3 divisions of in former years, manage is versed in course is kind of own entrance exam Chinese, maths, English and science department are integrated (contain physics and chemical) , literary history kind course of own entrance exam is mixed for Chinese, maths, English liberal art is integrated (contain the history and political) . In the meantime, increase written examination the weight in always be divided, in recommend in be born to maintain a principle with own recruit students, written examination is occupied 70% , interview is occupied 30% .
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