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Innovative forms of pragmatic Tianzhu Town improve the level of regional tutor
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Recently, Tianzhu Town, held "build a harmonious family, cultivating qualified personnel" PTA report. The event changed the previous reports by experts in the seminar tutor, parents, the traditional model of lectures, but by the town, district, municipal harmony Family representatives, parents and students to teach the child the family-building and scientific exchange of experiences, introduce themselves in the construction of a harmonious family of successful experiences and practices, about the growth of their children create a healthy environment for their children taught Touching story. The event is also invited to the National Tutoring Association Professor Liu Jingduo do guidance and comments, and interact with parents on site, for parents in the education, problems encountered in the FAQ. After the meeting, a One parent said: "The tutor will make me a lot, through a number of representatives and the guidance of Professor Lau, let me know the child's growth, we need to communicate with their children, encouragement for them to build confidence, and Hitting method of education can not solve the problem. " It is reported that the family, Tianzhu Town, to enhance education, promote scientific methods to teach the child, according to the actual needs of the region each year for parents of different ages were various forms of family education activities. Through tutor Lectures, small hand in your big hands and a variety of topics and educational activities, the majority of minors and their parents a full range of publicity and education, attendance of more than 2,000 people, so that district PTA level is improved, received good social effect
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