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Additional good achievement of kind of student of family education v
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Ge Zhengming obtains the total put in order that omit number to change agonistic first prize for many times because of his child; Take an examination of in with 700 much higher component is admitted by Nanjing's best middle school, the person that knows Ge Zhengming sends the child in the home of this successful father in succession, ask him to coach. Admirable is many 20 student learning after via him “ adjusts ” achievement increased 50-100 cent generally.

Last night, there are many examinee parents in the hut that in Nanjing attic of hall of big make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital does not have an eye, teach an expert learn from sb else's experience of Mr. Ge Zhengming homeward.

Ge Zhengming once became a teacher in the middle school, change research to family education now. His “ adjusts educational ” concept is a nutrition, health care, motion, psychology, study the photograph such as the habit is united in wedlock, utmost digs the child's potential. The “ that this family education expert that comes from treasure to answer puts forward has eaten, had played, sleep good ” adjusts educational new thinking, cause the parent, attention that teachs group public figure.

Adjust eat: Eat alkalescent food more

I have “ the child of two acquaintance checks high school with identical mark, achievement of the university entrance exam after 3 years differs many minutes 100, analysing one of its reasons is difference of two children food very big. Tall 3 second half of the year, the condition compared good family to ask baby-sitter technically to cook for the child, everyday food of the tall fat with one very rich desk, high protein, high quantity of heat, bring about child body to be broken evenly, blood shows acidity, affected memory. And the proposal that another child parent accepts me, a day of 3 eat are reasonable and tie-in, give priority to with basic provision, and every pause appetite has not eaten full, difference of two children achievement is apparent as a result. Citing of ” arrowroot teacher says, the son result that has a boss is not quite good, whole class last, always be stayed by the teacher. Him boss is in charge of, deliver the child. The others when having dinner has not moved a chopstick, gallinaceous bone already piled before this child. Eat a meal a little while with respect to catnap. Arrowroot teacher saw child food slants the problem of meat or fish, restrict him to eat big fish big meat and oily food, eat product of bean products, sea, dairy produce more, eat vegetable, fruit to wait more, eat a meal even activity a little while. Complete work inside formulary time everyday. Adjust through 4 months, the child rises the 56th times from whole class 24, the school sent special progress award, family person is thanked. Arrowroot teacher says, actually, his key is put in haemal soda acid of the child to adjust namely. Annual in one's deceased father, parent of the university entrance exam should give the child belly-worship, had adverse effect however actually. Hard digestive eats much, burden of aggravating stomach bowel, cause child cerebra to offer hematic inadequacy, brains faints all the day heavy. Consider to confirm, human body blood is shown alkalescent, memory is in groove. If show acidity, attention is centered not easily, still can pose healthy problem.
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