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Additional good achievement of kind of student of family education v
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Adjust sleep: Let child have one's sleep out first

“ winter vacation of a child is delivered by the parent, two eyes have hematic silk, stay up late apparently. Be in a county, the student is in the morning attended class at 7 o'clock, study by oneself in scheduled time to just can come home at 10 o'clock late, finish exercise crosses midnight at 12 o'clock. Average Morpheus has the high school student 6 hours only. I say to that parent, let the child sleep first, etc woke up coach again. Result this child slept 13 hours just wake. ” arrowroot teacher says, often the parent asks him, the child is very diligent, rise early corrupt evening, very painstaking, but why be paid and redound does not become direct ratio. Actually, sacrificial Morpheus is sacrificial study efficiency. Consider to make clear, the high school student is a standard with 8 hours everyday, sleep less half hours to learn efficiency to drop everyday 20% . Many family education students of arrowroot teacher are after adjusting time of work and rest, rose to learn efficiency.

Adjust move: Play a ball game after school, ran

The child that arrowroot teacher coachs wants athletic sports everyday, or ran, or play a ball game. The parent looks not willing, child result is bad to do not write examination paper to take them to play however more, be joking! Some parents get the child came home. A few children that insist to take exercise discover later, study train of thought is clearer and clearer, efficiency also rises many.

Arrowroot teacher says, before the parent sees examinee sits in desk glad, but sedentary not certain right study helpful. Long sit quietly is many blood gathers to celiac, splanchnic, lower limbs, cause cerebrum to offer oxygen inadequacy, the person produces fatigue move easily, unresponsive memory drops. Active rest the method replaces mental work with sports activity namely. Can promote haemal circulation through taking exercise, make cerebrum gets richer hematic oxygen is supplied. Physical training still makes the person is inspired with enthusiasm, stimulative cerebra releases a kind of chemical material, have the effect that increases intelligence and help memory. Arrowroot teacher says, result of him son study is outstanding be a bookworm does not come out, he comes home to want bubble to be in every weekend day of basketball field most. He is mixed now on ask basketball is hit above all when the son electrify word of high school how, sleep earlier in the evening everyday besides next and so on. “ comes for years, the sports charge that I throw for the child is very much, sports had very crucial effect to studying result. ” Ge Zhengming says, examinee parent cares very to achievement now, but however the whole body and mind of oversight child is healthy, its effect all may not be like person meaning. He thinks the experience result oneself tells parents very much, walk out of the error of family education as early as possible.
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