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The undergraduate becomes the issue that family education should note
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A classmate of surname king says in leave a message, he saw a few parents, ever also tried had told, but always be “ fails ” .

The situation that Wang Tongxue encounters is more general, why to make much undergraduate always do not catch the parent's heart? Health lady is spoken among them ——— of all the details is not the heart that the undergraduate does not know the parent, however the heart that they do not know the child. Health lady ever had asked an undergraduate family education to the child, student learning result is then right, but lecture “ resembles be in force-feed duck ” , every class is told finally, ask the child what “ has to did not understand where of ” , “ not to understand responsibly seriously however say ” , at this moment child “ often is silent, shake his head next ” . Actually, the undergraduate can quiz, the key still depends on whether be familiar with teaching material, whether to master the child's psychology, this is not fathomless also why a lot of parents carry the student of normal school school to make teaching in home only.

The parent hopes heard teaching in home quizs, include: Want to still have other method to solve this problem? Which kinds of method is the simplest? What formula to use? The parent does not hope to hear such family education query: Where don't you understand? Can be you done?

Mr Zhang writes in the proposal that gives an undergraduate: Do family education to cannot take a course, the parent should see your actual effect, not only teach good book and should teach good child how to learn to be an upright person.

Look, clever undergraduate just should not leave his message on the net, turn over those who see the parent should morely to leave a message however, think whether oneself satisfied the parent's requirement in be operated actually, whether to still have inadequacy, “ knows to be not worth the ” that changes next, such student talent is real the heart of parent of “ capture ” , just also can achieve the ultimate goal that exercises oneself truly.

First does interview try tell what ought to notice?
Dress is decent, conduct behavior should accord with the identity of a teacher.
Punctual arrive. Better assurance the time of lecture.
Going doing the meal before family education, do not drink.
In the process of family education, do not smoke.
Carry the parent's more sufficient condition that knows a student, offer teaching in home according to his education circumstance roughly plan. Offer parent reference.
After both sides agrees with family education to concern, when talking about a condition, should want to behave an undergraduate (or teacher) due accomplishment.

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