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Family education full-time converts mainstream monthly pay 5000 yuan rude fair d
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Recently, miss Cheng becomes buddhist city ” of popular commodities of “ of center of one family education, many parents appoint teacher wanting Cheng to hold the position of teacher of take lessons after school, the reason is very simple: Because Mr. Cheng is full-time family education, effect of take lessons after school can get assuring.

Will be graduated from the Xiaocheng of major of undergraduate course of maths of Zhan Jiang Normal University this year in July, abandoned can making the opportunity of regular school teacher, come to Fosan extracurricular of a middle and primary school coachs center, should have full-time teaching in home. Nowadays, she has become this to coach star teacher of the center, she says frankly: “ makes full-time teaching in home, although press muscularity, but more successful feeling. ” is current, full-time family education is on market of Fosan family education predominate. Their monthly pay can amount to 5000 yuan, can enjoy each welfare that center of take lessons after school offers, can comparing is fair do a teacher.

Hot market

Groom to take an examination of a school “ to start ” class

Come nearly 9 years, unripe extracurricular of middle and primary school coachs groom orgnaization “ gathers together ” type ground appears in Fosan. According to Fosan English Zhang Hongping recollects controller of the 2nd classroom, 4 years ago, “ buddhist city has 9 only this kind of extracurricular coachs center, there had been 9 at least now. ”

The elementary school of junior high school of famous run by the local people rises Fosan junior high school admits choose sex the exam is intense with each passing day, with will be May this year exemple, whole town makes an appointment with what 20 thousand person-time attended junior high school of 4 famous run by the local people to admit choose sex exam, close to 6 anthology of 1 admit proportion, all without exception shows the brutal sex of the exam.

Brutal choose sex exam is urged heated up extracurricular of Ao Ying of elementary school phase, abstruse number to coach groom. Zhang Hongping tells a reporter, nowadays this center 6 grade coach the class is already full, “ but still many parents ask, we can be politelied decline only. ”

The reporter visits Fosan discovery of each elementary school, enter elementary school when the student after 6 grade, “ lifts ” class to attend Ao Ying, abstruse number to groom the circumstance common occurance of the class.

The senior “ that wants to check a school besides of one mind gathers together ” coachs in extracurricular outside the class, a few students that are in each level low year, having intense “ to make up a missed lesson as much ” demand.

Elementary school new student is zealous also make up a missed lesson
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