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Family education full-time converts mainstream monthly pay 5000 yuan rude fair d
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Shen Yongtian, be graduated from Guangxi Normal University, elementary school is high pedagogic title. 3 years ago, he resolutely abandon fair do pedagogic identity, to buddhist education of front of study of the city zone grooms the center holds the post of full-time family education. Nowadays, income of Mr. Shen month is before two 3 times.

The reporter grooms from study front education center, English the much home extracurricular such as the 2nd classroom coachs the center understands, the pedagogic base pay that pursues professional family education at present is in 1500~2000 yuan, increase all sorts of bonus and allowance, can take 449 yuan every months. Such “ salary level, become a teacher than be in school of run by the local people a lot of, although compare fair do a teacher, also differ very few. ” just becomes Mr. Cheng of full-time family education this year, regret not at all at the outset choice.

Because parents are right cost of expectation of full-time family education is very high, the pressure that teachers of full-time family education bear is compared in school teacher bigger. Mr. Xiaocheng thinks, should become good full-time family education, want to have higher education capacity not only, still must be good at be being communicated with the student. “ teachs badly, want to be scolded longly by the home not only, more important is to will lose source of student. ”

The reporter grooms from education of front of study of buddhist the city zone the center understands, the full-time family education of this center comes from entirely at fair education school, “ still has teacher of individual part-time job to want to apply for to become full-time teacher, full-time coachs professional foreground of the teacher very be valued. Controller of ” this center five the director says.

Develop a tendency

Family education moves toward full-time to change

“ family education teachs course of study of teachers training school to change professionalism is this industry chooses necessarily. Education of front of study of ” buddhist the city zone grooms central controller Wu Jialing says. She thinks, major coachs the teacher has more abundant time to prepare lessons, responsibility heart is stronger also, “ coachs the effect is better ” .

Zhang Hongping is establishing English the 2nd classroom at the beginning of, also recruited teacher of 2 part-time jobs. “ its result ends with failing, their short of my requirement, also requirement of short of parent. Family education of ” part-time job toward upgrade the class takes money, the education content that normally pluralistic teacher won't coach to extracurricular has a system prepare lessons and plan in detail. “ later, I am determined, aux would rather floriferous money, ask the family education teacher of full-time. ”

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