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Family education full-time converts mainstream monthly pay 5000 yuan rude fair d
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Only achievement talking is unscientific

Li Jian of the member that buddhist the city zone teachs bureau teaching to grind is smooth: Be in charge of a branch to make up a missed lesson to the school only in education after severe canal, outside school take lessons after school had very large development space. The occurrence of full-time family education, can form with school education on certain level complementary, be in after all at present the condition falls, the school is taught or give priority to with the top class in a kindergarten, cannot form man-to-man characteristic education. And full-time family education can the individual character according to the student, can specific aim ground has teacher and student.

But, should see, the society is the product that should try education to the demand of family education. Center of most family education is educational purpose with improving the student's result directly, the step of the achievement that measures education is quite single, this original intention with education is abhorrent. Accordingly, the society is too at present onefold to the evaluation of family education center, all talk heroic ” with “ achievement, it is unscientific that this kind directs.

Instruct you one court

The key chooses two course

Ever taught in Beijing giant school, in buddhist education of front of study of the city zone grooms nowadays the Mr. Lu proposal that the center holds the position of a vice director: 1. When choosing family education teacher need seeks individual desire of the child, if the parent ignores the potential of actual level of the child and oneself, rigid arranges family education to coach, and expectation value is exorbitant, probable meeting because pressure of child exam psychology is too great and the result that short of expects. 2. The course of study cannot pass much, answer to ask according to study circumstance of the child and individual, the key chooses two course, most 3 course coach into travel family education, ten million cannot all course blossom in the round, do not give the child time of a bit rest and reorganization.

Substantival explanation

Full-time family education: After the class, learn plan of school teacher and student to perhaps teach the student of ” of “ be on short commons to the school to following to go up, offer full-time take lessons after school or work to coach.

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