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Zhao Xu of Number One Scholar of Shandong science department is illuminated
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Smooth degree one in
Chinese: 133 minutes
Maths: 144 minutes
English: 137 minutes
Science department is integrated: 227 minutes
Professional intent: Biology

Zhao Xu Zhaocheng for the Number One Scholar of Shandong science department this year, tecent teachs a reporter to illuminate even line Zhao Xu, close quarters understands the Number One Scholar of Shandong science department this year.

Indrawn and undemonstrative filial Number One Scholar

The first time the Zhao Xu that connect a line is illuminated, feeling him is very undemonstrative, the person with not much word. Zhao Xu is illuminated very the work that appreciates parents is hard, prop up him to go to school, end in the university entrance exam so, zhao Xu is illuminated do not resemble general child, play especially greatly, help parents do household farm work however, sell watermelon, reduce parental burden.

Learn abide abide advance gradually

On Zhao Xu Zhaoyi tall 3 decided 3 rounds to oneself revise a plan.
The first round: Review each detail in detail, till first time imitate the exam ends.
The 2nd round: Chunk content is reviewed, intellectual systematization.
The 3rd round: Be aimed at the university entrance exam, practice skill of take an examination.
The plan that basically follows a teacher namely goes, pay attention to study skill, and want try hard assiduous.

Want to do a right person

Zhao Xu reflects the estimation that pair of father can feel apparently in the way one speaks or what he says. Ordinarily of Zhao brilliance of the rising sun, father is very martinet, learn in his especially and be an upright person on. Father asks he wants to do a right person all the time, play in humanness on should hold measure, be an upright person should honest and kind. And when having a meal at ordinary times. Father becomes an amiable person again, the edge has a meal to chat by the side of, now and then take a walk, imperceptible pull close the relation of father and son. During the university entrance exam, what Zhao Xu is illuminated and did not feel and is distinguished at ordinary times, it is only when exhaustion is crestfallen, father just meets what the station comes out to grant to trust to him encourage.

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