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Result of summer vacation family education
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Made a few days of teaching in home, feeling is quite deep.

Family education problem one:

When the parent is in and controller of family education center is contacted, often do not tell the truth, because certain reason is bad,perhaps speak truth.

Cite a case: Piece the aunt asks schoolgirl A to make teaching in home, what she registers in family education net is a week two, and after A goes, be informed go everyday. The timeline of such A gave an issue. Later, schoolgirl A is informed then from the child asking family education is for an exam after 10 days merely, was over not to need. Around addition, just 8. You want to be not done, be no good, because must finish 8 times to just give money!

Family education problem 2:

Crossing a street is a big science! How does ability safety cross a street? Oneself have the following kinds of point of views:

1. Best means: Look for crossover.

2. Below the 1 condition that does not establish, look for zebra crossing, after all the driver of Xiamen still comparatives those who abide by traffic regulation.

3. When before two kinds do not hold water, still have an idea: Escape commutes fastigium. For example, in the morning after 9 o'clock, the car on the road is little a lot of, decided family education time at 9 o'clock 20 the left and right sides is very good.

Family education problem 3:

Student and parent opinion are skimble-scamble.

Often have this kind of thing: The parent hopes the teacher gives student aggrandizement the practice, and the student is not willing however, such result is to make the classmate of family education very embarrassed, do not know to be done according to whose idea

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