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How to let a student fall in love with Chinese class
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I am teacher of a Chinese, education of 23 years is carried out, my biggest feeling is: Unreal of bowstring of  of ether   bends over? is the key that learns this lesson, so the student that how allows me falls in love with Chinese class?

One, glamour of case of choose and employ persons affects a student

Regard a people as the teacher, bearing educational heavy responsibility, it is the peddler of human knowledge not only, it is the model person of student moral quality more. From where does exalted character of the teacher come? It comes from a teacher to be had deep love for indefinitely to the motherland and people, come from strong historical sense of responsibility and great thought state, come from the deep knowledge of pair of life and society, the persistence that comes from pair of the true is gone after and evil to the holiday ugly angrily abhors, come from the heart with deep humanitarian thought and broad big gain, come from lucid to teaching material and proper understanding, come from the immanent need that struggles jointly with the student. Saying path: The force of example is boundless. “ learns to be division high, ” of heart Gao Weifan, let a student fall in love with Chinese class, with respect to the character effect that must note a teacher. The character charm that becomes a teacher causes resonance hind in the student, they chase after ” of astral a group of things with common features like “ same, if the course that teachs to you is crazy be like drunk.

Since be on dais to rose that day, I exhort secretly oneself, can do anything but by accident the teacher of person children. For the student I always go all lengths, spent intelligence goes teaching me teachs Chinese course. Good to teach subject, I put main energy in study teaching material and prepare lessons on. Equipment teaching material: Hold to the key difficulty of each class accurate, hold fully, so that control adroitly teaching material, make each knowledge dot clear, obviously for nothing; Equipment student: Understand the circumstance of each class deep, particular case is particular analysis, utmost produces the student's respective advantage; Teach a law fully: Do one's best alternates ceaselessly teaching method, stimulate the appetite that the student seeks knowledge with brand-new perspective.

Before every give lessons, I am in 9 ” of outline of “ prepare lessons before class is sent to the student before Zhou Zhi, want student go ahead of the rest to look will the text of education, advance the point of difficulty, filling in the reassign inside the form of a hair and I, after I mastered these doubt that teach an object, the class since equipment comes more accord with real need. Really, ask in the student the circumstance that dispel doubts falls only, ground of have a definite object in view has teacher and student, its effect certainly times add.

2, spent idea is superior every class
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