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Japanese pupil is working
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Be close to tree wombat?

Zoo of children of county of Japanese 埼 jade has 9 trees wombat. The person that the park signs up in 100 is chosen unplugged 9 pupil hold the position of a breeder.

Classmates enter the room that tree wombat stays in above all, the footmark that observes tree wombat, see it nightly make a round trip 蹓 跶, excrement and urine is inattentive, understand its healthy situation thereby. Everybody still cleans the bed that cultivates wombat personally, spread sand afresh. ? Small breeder wants to cultivate wombat to prepare food everyday, change even midday, take away what did not eat, the broom that uses disinfection is cleaned clean, put again have freshly increase profit. Cultivate wombat to be able to come over to eat immediately at this moment.

Know life

Japanese Tokyo Qi of 蓧 of Jiang Huchuan area the 3rd elementary school 2 grade, set " experience baby " course. Classmates invite mom to do the spot to set an example, borrow the baby that is exactly like a baby from sanitarian place, imitate bathes, change diaper.

"Experience pregnant woman " also be one of this activity. Holding in the arms inside the satchel that the argillaceous outfit that they weigh 4 kilograms uses into the student on foot, still try to stand up from the chair.

Deciduous leaf bank

"Deciduous leaf bank " exchange corrupt leaf land with deciduous leaf namely, the fallen leaves of 70 liter exchanges an indicia proof first, 5 indicia can exchange the corrupt leaf land of 20 liter.

Japanese Tokyo the children of the city in government office meets a member, in the bag that loads the fallen leaves inside the park polyethylene together centrally. Annual this is seasonal, they can take collect deciduous leaf to here, send city nursery next, the course is corroded, turn corrupt into Xie Tu. Will exchange corrupt leaf land with deciduous leaf the 2nd year in October, use as plant fertilizer.

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