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Alone child indocile whose over-
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Now, the person with not little amount to is blaming a singleton female indocile. Have more very person is, their some unexpectedly the singleton female the sort of fragile, capricious, inspect for period production, it is a singleton female people the place of substaintial character.

Actually, fragile, not be a singleton egoistically female patent. And they those bad abuse also are not bring from mother's womb. Prepotent actor Yo, be a priori is long, acquired care, it is the educational issue of pedagogue oneself however. Look in many people, only now this " one " , it is dad Mom " proud hope " , have fondly add, wish simply " on empyreal take a month " , agree " below 5 ocean catch turtle " ; Do not let the hardships that oneself lived in the past absolutely, a shadow returns on child body. Then, ostentatious person brandish gold is bought laugh; The person that economy still owes beautiful, also bend bursa " vie " . From advanced and nourishing nutrition, high-grade electron toy arrives electronic musical instrument, piano, invite family education, enter of all kinds " growing class " ... one antrum is fatherly, it is intention fine suffering really.

Little imagine, such can godchild grow into useful timber? Have a boss that pursues a private enterprise, for the child's study, also really pour into his painstaking effort. The child is less than 3 years old, bought all sorts of high-grade toys for him, arrived 5 years old, invited tutor for him, bought electronic musical instrument, piano. 6 years old send him to place's famous aristocratic school study partly.

With go up a parent is different is, this parent thinks, the study that stresses good child is eligible parent. Accordingly, from the elementary school on the child rose that day, the parent begins to had planned to learn the blue print of be used to for the child. Themselves thinks, what is most popular, most be very popular, should let the child what learn. Look in them, "We are what to did not have to count on, the hope is forced to place go up in child body, " then, what piano class, english class, computer class, let the child sign up go learning. Not only such, can take an examination of in the school for the child give a good result, also be to go all lengths, bought all sorts of reference book for the child, exercises collect. The child just walks out of a school gate, breath none the ground goes going up piano class. With great difficulty longs for Sunday, want to learn the computer again, calculator class ends, ground of without a stop goes learning English. Time grows, do the child so that muscle skin force uses up, because exceeding head is tired, the child appeared serious brain fag symptom. Without law study, be forced suspend one's schooling.

This is Gao Sanxue's strange father and mother, his guiding ideology is, want to let the university on child take an examination ofing only, it is eligible parent. In this kind of thought control below, the parent is child work for to the utmost extent, original school also has a dining room, but, the parent fears the child has in the school bad, eat in the home besides breakfast outside, mix midday everyday dinner, it is to Your Excellency to send the school personally, what to wear at ordinary times as to the child, it is send personally by adult go up in one's hand. But, one day, mother due to illness be in hospital, he wears even oneself what dress not to know unexpectedly. Boiled at long last attend a college, went to an university, he won't wash even the simplest clothings, before numerous classmate, he appears very uneasy, then, he cherishs very malcontent psychology, wrote a long letter to parents, your Excellency questioningly, why oneself arrived seventeen, 8 years old of what also won't, do you hope I become bookish?
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