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The reason that child not to be pooh-poohed interacts is in parents
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The parental excessive care to the child, at every turn is arranged for you, often make the child lose the chance that develops be gregarious sex. Play when child him learning for example when (about 6 months are big) , parents often notices him overly, take a thing to give him, hold him in the arms, your child cannot the sufficient, interest that develops oneself freely. Such child lets sb know to the person rarely, because always be parents,start to talk first, teach him to call X uncle or X aunt. Parents often likes to take him to show off, the time became much make the child feel awkward. When the child falls ill, parents always is not Mian endlessly fine understand without being told is considered, same, when the child is mischievous, parents often also sees the thing too badly, as a result is fussily. Every this a variety of, make the child practices too less speaking Dejile's think, do not understand how be gregarious and congenial.

After enter a school, this kind of child also gets used to school life hard, know a friend not easily. With with age when companionate amuse oneself, also cannot live in peace with each other, not be brawl fights, it is craven, be isolated by the group finally.

because of above reason, make female society gets used to the singleton ability develops generally slower. If cannot coach in time, the child gradually the disposition with dissocial, indrawn, weak be afraid of getting into trouble, tacit nurturance, without the innocent and lively breath of general child. On the other hand, also can cause work very serious, pursuit is perfect, down to is gotten easily into " insignificant problem " .

Another makes the child not good at the reason at intercourse, it is parents too earnest, especially a few first parenting person, because lack the experience that teachs the child, the heart that hope children will have a bright future also too agog, often certainly crosses tight situation to appear. With respect to equestrian like a begin to learn person, mood insecurity, do not know the movement that how matchs stage horse, and the kind that serves a horse also often too overbearing. Below this case, horse and knight two respects are very demanding. However, have the knight of experience, know how to should loosen oneself to comply with equestrian motion, how does ability sit firmly, and how moderate land leads a horse. Look after children with equestrian it is two different matters of course, but go up in spirit, both it is identical. Accordingly, parents should loosen the mood, show and brume, affable manner and child are adjacent.

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