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A criticism with respect to commit suicide -- children psychology is flimsy and
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Suffer all sorts of element effects, the number of problem of occurrence psychology of our country children has the tendency that rise. According to guarding estimation, at present our country has 30 million to exist to 50 million child at least behavior problem. Main show is children psychology problem action is unusual with psychology unusual, if use disease more, study is difficult, depressed, do not know human association, run away from home, infatuation Internet bar, associate with is undesirable the friend is violent even crime. Psychological expert thinks, "Problem children " the grow in quantity of the number, exterior element is dominant. Society, family, school is 3 when create children psychology problem main factors.
Die, criticize because of only! -- children psychology: Want the flower of classics harships test
Elementary school of Qingdao Guizhou grade
Take an examination of in draw near increasingly, the couple of gentleman of the Qin Dynasty of Qingdao cannot see his daughter walks into examination room forever however. Late on March 9, one lady develops Qingdao town suddenly center of emergency treatment of hospital of the 8th people, breathe out greatly " will quickly help the daughter that helps me! " cure protects personnel immediately main rescue a many hour, fail finally to play the girl from dead line.
This is being read first 3, should have the girl of happy future originally, however because of father one is criticized, feel wronged and act rashly drink below half bottles of pesticide. This girl is little beautiful (alias) father is gentleman of the Qin Dynasty, recollect according to him, the study when small Li Ping is very serious, perhaps be the cause that wants an examination, her study result drops somewhat. 9 days, small beautiful now and then open computer to play game, stem from the consideration to study, gentleman of the Qin Dynasty criticized her to waste time sharply, but absolutely did not think of she can choose father of dead fight back.
Psychologist analysis thinks, cause the child to be on the reason of the blind alley, the criticism that is the parent is ham, too slashing to the child, another reason is the child cannot face criticism correctly, oneself encounters psychogenic disorder, and do not know how untangle. Teach in the parent while means is blameful, children mental health already became cannot evasive social problem, more and more children are sufferring the torment that already was discovered or returns hidden psychology problem, and should contradict by become acute when, consequence is unimaginable.
As we have learned, suffer all sorts of element effects, at present the number of occurrence psychogenic disorder of our country children has the tendency that rise. According to statistic of division of psychology of center of Medical Protection of children of Qingdao city woman, 10 years ago, the advisory quantity of children of a month is division of psychology of center of woman children Medical Protection 70 person left and right sides, the workload that is now two days only; Original annual seeks advice from total number to be 1000 much person, already achieved 5 times previously 2004, hospital psychology seeks advice to be done not have all the year round off-season.
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