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Walk out of family education error, implement successful family education
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-- shallow the error that talks about domestic education and its countermeasure

Suhuomulinsiji points out famous educationist: Parents is creation future " sculptor " , of children " cornerstone " establish by parental both hands, the children that has taught oneself is the main obligation of a citizen. Current, how to rear oneself child into the issue that already just became every parent to pay close attention to, but most parent is to hope children will have a bright future the heart is cut and the scientific godchild method with necessary lack. They often undertake applying teaching by the individual's intuition and certain and traditional experience, this makes domestic education appeared a lot of problems, produced a lot of errors, be troubled by even gave a lot of family tragedy, if a high school of Zhejiang Jin Hua gives birth to killing mother, Ma Jiajue,kill the classmate waits. In the error in domestic education main show has the following 3 respects:

One of errors: Family education idea is backward.
In actual life, many parents the private affairs that undertakes educational regarding oneself as to him child. This kind of handle daughter is become demesne the idea that content has fostering, make a few parents right proper, reasonable, scientific school education and social education do not grant to cooperate actively, when the educational viewpoint of value of n/COL the head of a family front courtyard produces conflict to it, often stem from some kind of narrow purpose and do additionally. This often makes child not know what to do, in the process of socialization, form healthy spirit, psychology and value sense hard. Jiang Zhenghua of expert of famous psychological education put forward a such equality on expert seminar: 5 2=0. He explains so: School of 5 days is taught, add domestic education of on two days, because collide and contradict in educationally, actual educational effect generation is right strong, let child not know what to do, final educational result is " 0 " . Of family education idea backward, make a lot of children as a child with respect to nurturance capricious, depend on, recreant, selfish, attention is not centered etc make the parent pained can't bear, headache unceasingly " singleton female syndrome " .

Of the error: Family education content is one-sided.
Scientific domestic education content should cover child heart, wisdom, a lot of respect such as body, beauty, should be pair of children the education of all-around, stereo sex and development. But the content that actually the family teachs is very one-sided, its basically behave for: Weigh intellective development, be not intellective element education gently; Weigh intellectual control, light capacity is fostered; Weigh body education, light psychology is bred etc. After going to school in the child, " cent " the word covered everything. " new course and domestic education " tell us: "After the child comes home, the first problem of the parent is: Take an exam today? A few minutes to get? When enjoining the child most a word that often says is: Attend class should note listen to a talk, study should think independently. When evaluating the child most a word that often says is: It is much better that you see × × × learn! " this makes a lot of child waists round arm wide egoistic however, small-minded; Knowledgeability however ability is low; Body Zhuang Runiu however cannot say boh to a goose, feebleminded. Look from specific angle, the ideal lose that a few children appear, morality is broken model, closely related the problem all without exception such as psychological unbalance and this.
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