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"Bear hardships education " cannot " crash "
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Kind of dry by day dish, turn up the soil, make a fire, cook these work, in the old warehouse that squeezes in 300 person in the evening, the late night stands sentry by turns even... a few days ago, the student of second year in high school of school of Nanjing foreign language ended 3 days " the country takes exercise " return campus, great master is special to this " bear hardships class " the feeling still has bit of meaning to still was not used up. (according to " Yangtse Evening Post " on November 17, 2006)
As people living standard rise increasingly, a lot of child nurturance the clothes will stretch one's hand, the meal comes the bad habit of coddle since childhood of dehisce. A lot of parents complain: The child had not taken pain natively, do not know the hardships of the life, too charming flexible energy of life. Then somebody put forward to experience to the country the life and cold summer vacation attend summer camp to wait " bear hardships education " , the purpose is to let the child is opposite " suffering " can have a clear experience. Undeniable, through the rigorous management of barback type, take bit of pain, the child also can get changing certainly on volitional character, spiritual outlook. But the limitation that these activities nod as a result of time and ground, often cannot have long effect. A lot of children return a city, immediately " show one's true colours " , everything is unaltered. Not only such, the student lets his probably still bear hardships to the parent and school generation is gone against turn over psychology.
Before before long, one student parent encounters Wuhan awkward thing, the child from eat bitter summer camp to come back, become unexpectedly love to enjoy. Original, head for revolutionary old quarter eat bitter summer camp to there is no lack of climb, ford, those who weed " bear hardships " project, but collective of a few children rejects to attend, the tourist guide is forced to make them slow-witted watch TV in SamSung class guesthouse (reported on July 22, 2006 according to xinhua net) .
Visible, rely on to attend 9 times " bear hardships " training, perhaps experience a few days of countries live, had trained the child, it is not actual, good education is to lean often, long-term thinking undertakes, and cannot lean " crash " . Be in the United States, the parent lets them recognize the value of labor in one's childhood from the child. American high school student has a catchword: "Him money wanting a flower is earned! " be full of more in its home without giving thought to, grass is cut in the parental home that he can rely on after the boy is 12 years old, send a newspaper to earn some of pocket money, the girl does young nurse to make money. Be in Germany, the parent never monopolizes the issue that replaces the child. Law returns a regulation, the child is about to assume a few obligation in the home to 14 years old, want to wait for family person shoeshine for instance. Such doing, it is to develop labor ability of the child not only, the social obligation that also is helpful for rearing the child feels. And also there is no lack of on our country history " bitter Yo " typical, zheng Banqiao of clear acting famous artist leaves a son a piece of brief note when be dying, writing above: "Shed oneself sweat, eat oneself meal, oneself him career works; Rely on a day to rely on a person to rely on ancestor, do not be brave man. " this is the last lesson that Zheng Banqiao gives a son to go up, he is right of children " expect independently " see one spot.
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