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The family teachs the phyletic analysis of the error
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"Teenager children is the sun that rises first, the hope is placed go up in their body, breeding new generation is the weighty responsibility of all people, need family, the each other of each respects cooperates the school and society to just can have been done. " this is the expectation of Song Qingling of revolutionist of older generation proletariat to teenager children, also be in the future the important task of the history that social place should assume. Since founding a state, enter reforming and opening to make our country economy grows at full speed inside time of a few short years especially, for the angle from the family, people already was not satisfied at satiate, wear warm, even class of be particular about. What live as people is rich, for filial future, domestic home be willing to part with or use " intellective investment " . This is one those who matter to country and nation is flourishing with the favour that develop. But the limitation as a result of our knowledge, in the process of real education, our jumping-off place is good, but the result that does not get good certainly however sometimes, current the in domestic education wrong viewpoint that place of area of our week border district exists and wrong action are Baconian summary, in order to be helpful for the guidance that the family teachs, make finally you " Wang Zizi becomes dragon, look at female female Cheng Feng " .

1, expectation is exorbitant

Findings shows, majority parent expects oneself children is taken an examination of attend a college. Among them, the parent with culture the more high level, this expectation expression of two pairs daughter must is more apparent. For use this kind of expectation will not come to nothing, the parent that has near 40% has asked tutor for the child; The child that has a lot of chief him hope takes specialty class, the try every means with economic ampler condition lets the child acquire more things. To let the child can learn wholeheartedly; Our most parent does not let the child work housework, for the sake of vacating more times provide the time of study. Very apparent, by at present the education of our country develops speed estimation, to next centuries, every year only can student of one little part rises an university to take advanced courses. This is to say namely, the expectation of the family of most now above will come to nothing. This kind of tall expectation that does not face reality is a kind of enormous pressure to the child, it is the burden of a kind of student to the parent. If cannot get seasonable and effective solve, this is very dangerous.

2, excessive and doting

Investigation shows, the parent that has great majority is breeding the child to go up not different cost, what does the child want to give what to buy. The pin money number that gives the child every months also increases somewhat, some parents are held for the child to restaurant " birthday party " . Had eaten to had been worn to let the child, do not let them attend the work of any families, most student won't wash clothes, won't cook, have more very person, for the child can " tell sanitation " acting child washs this to wash that, this kind of love is a kind of when grow to the child irresponsible practice. Phase of middle and primary school especially phase of elementary school education is the crucial period that good deed is used to nurturance, the care of parent meticulously and exceed one's duties and meddle in others' affairs, brought up not only capricious, lazy, egocentric disposition, and can delay the child to start work the development of ability, form the way of extravagant waste.
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