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The parent teachs way 70% unqualified
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The association of Yo of Chinese prepotent actor that held a few days ago on congress of the 3rd member, qin Xinhua chairman discloses say, china has 30 million adolescent to be in psychology inferior health. Concerned expert considers to show, the parent education means of 70% is unqualified, among them 30% it is undue protection, 30% it is to be supervised overly, the parent that still has 10% is severe punishment. The result that these unqualified education means bring is teenage bear the ability of the setback is poor, get used to ability to differ.

Qin Xinhua introduces, "Doing not have a disease is healthy " the idea has been changed. World Health Organization includes health of healthy, mental health, morality and society to suit to healthy new definition good. According to investigation: Discharge?4 year old the following deformity children exceeds 8 million, among them congenital deformity occupies 51% above. Every year still 350 thousand is born blemish be born, new student in have 20 thousand about crazy, slow-witted, foolish.

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