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Qi Jiguang as a child economical
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Battle of be apt to of heroism of Qi Jiguang of hero of an old name for Japan of bright Dai Kang, direct troops in the right way, the Qi Jiajun that he guides is highly disciplined, in fighting an old name for Japan to struggle repeatedly battle is gotten the better of repeatedly, he and privates share happiness and woe, explore gets soldier love and esteem. Qi Jiguang can become generation famous general, it is inseparable that with its domestic wind edification, father teachings.
Father relative scene of Qi Jiguang is connected, also be a patriotic general of a versatile person of civil and military. He is person honest and frank, pass fifty years old to just get this one child, be in heaven naturally, express great expectations. Qi Jingtong teachs connecting with the boxing skill of be used to of article of son be used to, also notice to teach son humanness the method that conduct oneself in society. Qi Jiguang, the house is built in the home, the plan installs portal of 4 carve patterns or designs on woodwork between two principle columns of a hall. Craftsman says to Qi Jiguang: "Childe home is the door, can bring family status of 12 carve patterns or designs on woodwork, such ability show bring about the desired sensation to send. " whereaboutldirection father speaks of Qi Jiguang, qijing connects severity to criticize him to ought not to pursue peacockish, go in for pomp. , qi Jiguang wore the new shoe that bright and beautiful silk braids a pair of special cultured, as it happens was seen by Qi Jingtong, his agitatedly, called Qi Jiguang, teach him a lesson to say: "You are small off year discipline, wear so expensive shoe actually, if nurturance courts enjoyment trouble, lead troops to perhaps want the provisions and funds for troops of embezzle soldier in the future, disaster country is killed civilian, rot wind of my relative door! Rot wind of my relative door!!
Qi Jiguang, qijing connects take to one's bed and never leave it again, he calls the son to the front of the bed, the martial theory that he writes composing gives son, want a son to be read seriously. Below father's instruction, qi Jiguang as a child resolved should eliminate an old name for Japan to suffer from, install to protect a country civilian. After he is grown, successive father line of business, fujian of short for Zhejiang Province of drive an old name for Japan, appeased an old name for Japan to suffer from eventually.
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