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Wu Jinglian: Mother and family are very deep to my influence
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Wu Jinglian, china is contemporary and famous economist, the father of theory of Chinese market economy. Was born at Jiangsu Nanjing in January 1930, was graduated from department of Fudan University economy 1953. Have successively held the posts of a the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hind weigh a the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) researcher of the member that research jackarooes, assistant, deputy researcher, researcher, economy of standing a secretary in charge of sth, the State Council reforms research center of development of the State Council the duty such as program office vice director. Recruit professor of research center researcher, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences for the State Council now, fasten vice director of members of standing committee of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Economic Commission.

Have so one batch can is opposite central highest economy is decision-making bring to bear on the economist of the influence, person " decision-making circle economics person " . Every meet prime minister of secretary-general of the Party Central Committee, government great economy problem often can ask plan at them, the Nanhai in often coming in and go out gets highest decision-maker summon to an interview, a have an informal discussion; Draft a party every time when working report of acting meeting file, government, a few people in them gather in Beijing on the west the jade spring hill of outskirt, discuss ardently, weigh every word. 11 3 in the 20 one's remaining years since plenary meeting, the every time of economic theory is great till be written into report of work of file of the Party Central Committee, government,be accepted by decision-making layer, condensing the contribution of this kind of economics person.

This has to be weighed among them " Chinese reform theory is precursory " with " the father of theory of Chinese market economy " economist, he is Wu Jinglian.

On December 29, 2001, prize-giving celebration of figure of year of CCTV China economy is held in Beijing restaurant. Father's younger brother of classics of chairman of business association of vice-chairman of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, whole nation makes the same score open the grandest in the evening that day prize: Large award of figure of year of 2001CCTV China economy. Open an envelope when Jing Shuping, wrote on the card inside grow the prize-giving demit that string together: "He dares iron shoulder carries morality and justice, he is one altruistic, the social prominent personage that has deep hardship consciousness, a real person, one establishs what go alone especially wisdom person, the Chinese scholar that one wises and farsighted and conscience has both, the outstanding delegate of economist of a China, the concern that reflected Chinese intellectual a priori to fall and the high character and morals of care, pass 7 a period of ten days to still can maintain Tong Zhen and straightforward economist. " this moment, need not announce who he is below the stage 500 audiences had understood everything. The mood that they convey themselves initiatively with enthusiastic applause is mixed the devoir of pair of person that be elected, stand up initiatively, collectivity stands up, applause, this is the supreme v&v compliment of Wu Jinglian of gainer of large to figure of year of economy of 2001 CCTV China award undoubtedly.
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