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How does the parent do ability to help the child learn abstruse number?
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The parent knows child learning is very painstaking, but most parent does not know how to help the child. Some parents face be at one's wits' end of very unfamiliar abstruse number exercise problems; Some parents are faced be like what ever was acquainted abstruse number exercise problems ponders hard; Some parents bought the book of many abstruse number to wait a moment for the child. Let child the child learns abstruse number, this is our teacher, student and parent's common cause. Actually to can achieve this very inaccessible goal, our parent also has a lot of things to want to do.

One, as long as you are intentional, you can be helped certainly on oneself child

Some him parents learn liberal art, had not contacted abstruse number at all, do not know how to help oneself child learning, without giving thought to,let go so, the result cans be imagined.

Here, I want to introduce —— of a book to everybody " mom's heart has many tall " . In this book, having a paragraph is to tell to have rate of literacy of junior high school only and the daughter that personally the mother of deformity helps the high school on oneself checks the story that attends a college. She sleeps in the evening in her child later, the examination paper that checks child place searchs, the title of the err that gets on examination paper is copied, let child redo next till the child till all oppose. Have this kind of method, she makes the child's achievement promotes considerably.

This story tells us, as long as you are intentional, you can be helped certainly on oneself child.

2, help child establishs a goal, he goes to shunt excitation encourage implementation

The parent should choose to suit her key school for its according to real interest of the student and specialty. In this on one hand, the child does not have the ability of the choice commonly, do not know which school is good after all, so, the parent that this is about to beg us is good for child collect the data of each schools, analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each schools for the child, help its choose. Generally speaking, the student had a certain school to make a target, learn so that can make greater efforts. This are very important, if aimless, the student is in whole listless sentiment often can generate in the nervous study of 6 grade and frequent exam.

After the student had a cause, our parent still has a very main job, it is incentive student help student goes hard achieving a goal. Be in whole in the insecurity study of 6 grade, student hard to avoid will be tired, can generate the sentiment that be tired of even. But when the student is tired, make the child rests admittedly important, but the parent should encourage him more, he holds on to drive. When the student is tired of, those who relapse preach onefoldly and criticize often very bad get the desired result. According to our experience, at this moment, the experience that grows a few celebrity successfully to the child and before a few students that the student meets (the child of kin friend) the experience of enter a higher school and lesson will be more significant. To this, the collect that asks our parent is conscious in the life this on one hand information.
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