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The university entrance exam takes an examination of self-confidence namely: Bil
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Cent key class (or call an experiment the class) , the convention that average class already became almost all middle school now. Say commonly, the persons qualified to teach of the school tilts toward key class, average class virtually became “ ” chickening ribs. Chicken ribs as the “ of average class ” , the nature in the heart is not big feel better. But we should see clearly, the standard that divide into classes is that merely one, quadratic exam achievement, take an exam that probably your misfortune “ walks along hand ” , dropped average class; Probably in good luck ” of that his “ , enter key class. Accordingly, we do not regard as accidentally inevitable. On the other hand, from divide into classes to be apart from to what there are 3 years between the university entrance exam, situation of the what in these 3 years happens possibly.

The real story that produces in an average class is below:

Go up high school when, our class is an average class only, for the 6 experiments class that gives birth to composition compared with the best of its kind that elicits in the school, take an examination of the opportunity that attends a college not much, because this divides a few classmates that had learned very outside effort, we are most the person just is waiting for graduation to mix a diploma, seek a job next.

Our classmaster holds English teacher concurrently is a student that just graduated from normal school institute, he special respect property, daily urging us to learn study again, operation operation works again. But say to return say, because a lot of people are holding broken jar in the arms to cut the think of a way that throw, our achievement still go up not to go however, in entire school each division takes an exam in time and again reciprocal. Take an examination of till English couplet of second year in high school, the achievement of our class that Zhang Bang announces however ground of occur for the first time exceeds class of a few experiments, this makes us successional and excited several days. Just be informed later, it is the teacher added 20 minutes more for our everybody!

Sending when coiling, teacher heavily says: &You just divided Ldquo; in average class to lose confidence, me very for you sad. I hope my student does ambitious person, any moment are emulative. Now still is second year in high school only, still have a year of much time from the university entrance exam, return there's still time hard, wish you do not rely on teacher practise fraud to make an enough mark, let a teacher can raise the head come, continue ambitious go down. ”

That one class, our whats did not learn, but the university entrance exam after a year, we carried off with the identity of average class entire school the university entrance exam the first. Tell according to the president, this never been havinging on the history of the school.

According to introducing, a small ingot of gold or silver of week of Number One Scholar of Chongqing city science department learns the average class of school with respect to out. Still have be graduated from Heibei to visit calm city 2 medium Xu Jijing, high school was not taken an examination of on, go up at one's own expenses, the result becomes this officer however in those days the …… of liberal art student of the Beijing University on only take an examination ofing
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