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Talent parents should be remembered well 10 should 10 not
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Be in in domestic party, mrs Li offerred the feeling that contemporary parents is a hard job to. Mrs Liu says: “ is! All trades and professions has mount guard to groom or major trains, but, why to teach us how to do good father and mother first without human affairs? ” listened the speech of this sincere words and earnest wishes of parents, always be joyful, because close duty wants parents after all,“ rises and travel ” .

That day, we all very attentively, and discuss ardently how to do a talent old father and old Mom.

The “ that does a talent father and mother is offerred below 10 want ” and “ 10 not ” , the father mother that give a care the child make a reference:

Talent parents “ 10 want ” :

1, pay attention to teaching by one's own example and teach by word of mouth, as filial example.

2, admit, the opinion that respects the child, often communicate with children.

3, the chance that gives children proper independence and training.

4, trustful children and have sense of humor.

5, the breeding manner that behaves authority and consideration timelily to children.

6, manner Wen Wan, not not nag, long-tongued.

7, can at any time ego grows, catch up with the footstep of the times.

8, all sorts of need that understand children, make objective judgement to its behavior.

9, often communicate with teacher of school nursery school, be in in order to know the child the school life in garden state.

10, the manner that teachs the child's right morality idea and everything to be in charge of.

Talent parents “ 10 not ” :

1, not heavy male light female, or child of the certain in special preference home.

2, not doting children, or blindly want to replace close situation with money only.

3, because oneself are parents,not be opposite with respect to what think everything is him.

4, do not smoke, do not drink card games, less with little dinner party.

5, when the child errs, be not scolded aloud or lay a person.

6, the harmony that does not take the issue of extramarital affair into domestic as a result to destroy a family.

7, do not get on unsatisfactory vent one's anger on sb who's not to blame of the job to filial body.

8, do not want from morning till night to call the child to study only, make them organic also can learn to do housework.

9, notice appearance at any time, do not give others dingy sense.

10, when certainly children, often do not turn over old debt to come of rebuke child is not.

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