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How does the parent promote the child self-confidence
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A problem that regular meeting of classics of the phase of the university entrance exam that start encounters is self-confident heart inadequacy. Put in the student of this side issue, dare not face the university entrance exam normally, produce certain level escape psychology. Some child expression are novel of indulge network, black unreal to wait, some criterion expression is study of toughen one's scalp-brace oneself, show the state of risk one's life needlessly even, it is a heart actually self-abased with cowardly expression. Of course, this meeting brings about the child directly the efficiency in learning low, position is bad. So, how should the parent help the child promote self-confident heart? Say simply, can accept the proposal of the following respects:

Hold the ceremony that start

“ starts the university entrance exam, do you respect it? ” this issue is high 3 families want to face above all. It is strange that perhaps a lot of parents and classmate are met, the influence how of “ the university entrance exam is great, how doesn't meeting somebody respect it? ” actually, valued meaning is far more than take seriously so simple, anxiety-ridden ground takes seriously and fight takes seriously high-spiritedly, its effect differs completely.

When the proposal is starting the university entrance exam, everybody can learn a few ways of the ancients, it is certain to adopt formal. ” of happy easy year adds up to “ Shi Shuli say 6 art or 6 classics, in archaic study, the study of “ ceremony ” has significant position and effect. It can make the study of people, job and life have law and regulation more, enhance the confidence of people and courage greatly at the same time. So, when the important matter that regards a family and individual as the university entrance exam when you will look, you also need to adopt a few specific formal the attention that will convey you, is not hang it in mouth edge everyday, become a kind of nag to perhaps be anxious.

Take psychological suggestion

Active psychological suggestion is very effective to the promotion of self-confident heart, here, have a few particular ways. For example:

Day is thought of obtain, day is thought of pass. The means of this word says, ponder over “ before sleep everyday what did I harvest today, today my err what to nod? ” actually, the question of everybody is not much, even if learns again poor child, if have a bit results everyday, can discover oneself problem everyday, can correct ceaselessly. So, very fast you are decreasing quickly with respect to the problem that can discover the child, confidence also can promote greatly.

Hold child mood change in time. When child mood is good, the parent appears casual say to him, “ is the closest, the sense that you learn is better and better! ” is when child mood is bad, the parent is encouraged appropriately to the child, “ although you feel present position is not quite good, the poorest than before also when how much to know to be close friends! ” everyday the change that the child can have a sentiment possibly, the parent is alluded in time, can help the child strengthen confidence, release undesirable mood, more relaxed, actively faces study.
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